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SH77650 SoC for automotive image recognition processing
30.07.2008 - 09:08

Renesas Technology Europe announced the availability in Europe of the SuperH1 Family SH77650, a SoC product providing image recognition processing functions for vehicle information terminals, such as next-generation car navigation systems, and peripheral devices to assist-safe driving. The SH77650 provides the same image recognition functions as...

20W stereo Class D speaker amplifier
29.07.2008 - 08:24

Maxim Integrated Products introduces the MAX9744, a 20W stereo Class D speaker amplifier to operate from a 4.5V to 14V power supply. The MAX9744 provides ample output power throughout the power-supply voltage range, making it ideal for MP3 docking stations, gaming consoles, and flat-panel televisions. Additionally, the device integrates 64-step ...

Small varistors and CeraDiodes
28.07.2008 - 10:36

Epcos offers CeraDiodes and multilayer varistors (MLV) in a 0201 package. The variants with capacitances of 22 pF are distinguished by a low clamping voltage and are suited for the protection of LED background lighting, for example. Types with capacitances of up to 10 pF have also been developed for USB and Ethernet systems. Because of the need ...

Piezo resonator for 2.8V
28.07.2008 - 10:33

Epcos has developed a series of miniaturized multilayer piezo components. In addition to the piezo transformers already on the market, the company now offers piezo benders and resonators. The latter has allowed US company New Scale Technologies to develop the world’s smallest linear motor that is powered directly by a battery voltage of 2....

PERC Ultra5.1 supports LynxOS
21.07.2008 - 09:22

Aonix, the provider of the PERC product line for embedded and real-time Java developers, announced the release of PERC Ultra 5.1 cross development and target support on the LynuxWorks LynxOS Real-Time Operating System (RTOS). The port, already in use by Aonix and LynuxWorks joint customers in the military and aerospace market, is being deployed ...

Automotive Certification for Actel FPGAs
21.07.2008 - 09:19

Actel has received ISO/TS 16949:2002 certification. When combined with AEC-Q100 Grade 1 and Grade 2 qualification of its ProASIC 3 devices and the company’s Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) documentation, the certification ensures that customers can deploy automotive FPGA products. Actel’s flash-based FPGA devices offer low po...

Power management IC mobile GPS and PMP designs
14.07.2008 - 12:33

By integrating six channels, featuring two buck converters, one with two step dynamic output voltage, with four LDOs, and independent enable functions, AnalogicTech’s AAT2603 power management IC provides designers design flexibility. The AAT2603 is an integrated power management IC targeted at mobile GPS devices, Portable Media Players (PM...

1 MHz serial EEPROM with 1 Mbit
08.07.2008 - 08:39

STMicroelectronics has introduced 1MHz two-wire serial EEPROMs in 256-Kbit, 512-Kbit and 1-Mbit densities, compatible with I2C Fast-Mode-Plus allowing data rates up to 2.5-times faster than the I2C Fast-mode. Operating at 1MHz, the M24M01-HR is able to complete a 1-Mbit data transaction in 1 second; the 256-Kbit M24256-BHR in a quarter of a seco...

Timing solutions for 1.5V
08.07.2008 - 08:38

IDT announces the availability of a family of timing devices designed for use in ultra-mobile PCs (UMPCs). These devices minimally require 1.5V power supply. The devices help extend the wireless signal range of the UMPC and improve the bandwidth, resulting in faster data transfer rates and improving the end user’s mobile Internet experienc...

2.25 MHz Synchronous Step-Down DC/DC Converter
07.07.2008 - 09:07

Linear Technology announces the LTC3564, a 2.25MHz, synchronous buck regulator that can deliver up to 1.25A of continuous output current from a 2mm x 3mm DFN or ThinSOT package. Using a constant frequency current mode architecture, the LTC3564 operates from an input voltage range of 2.5V to 5.5V, making it dedicated for Li-Ion battery inputs as ...

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