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MEMS microphones for high-fidelity
27.04.2010 - 08:53

Analog Devices has created two MEMS microphones that enable advanced audio functions for portable electronics. These functions include high-fidelity audio/video playback, hands free communication, and voice recognition with built-in wind noise suppression, and TIA-920-compliance for VoIP applications.  The ADMP 404 and ADMP405 iMEMS micr...

Spectrum: Windows 7 driver for all digitizers
21.04.2010 - 09:03

The current version of the universal Spectrum driver comes with full Windows 7 support for the complete product range of the fast digitizers and generators with sampling rates between 100 kS/s and 1 GS/s. This driver of cause also supports earlier Windows versions like Vista, XP or 2000.  After Windows Vista, being not the most successfu...

Multi-Channel Radio Modem Transmitter & Receivers
20.04.2010 - 08:52

The TXL2 transmitter and RXL2 receiver modules, from London-based wireless solutions developer Radiometrix, are half duplex multi-channel OEM radio modems offered in a SIL standard footprint. Operating in the European license-free 433 MHz ISM (Industrial Scientific and Medical) frequency band, with a choice of 5 user programmed channels, these p...

Single diode laser controller
05.04.2010 - 08:58

AMS Technologies announces a new range of laser diode controllers incorporating temperature controller from Belorussia based OEM Tech System Engineering. OEM Tech has launched a range of controllers for powering and controlling not only the laser diode but also the cooling elements for the diode. This complete solution incorporates a module for ...

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