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40V power MOSFET in 7-pin D²PAK packaging
22.12.2012 - 17:32

 Vishay introduced a AEC-Q101-qualified, 40V n-channel TrenchFET power MOSFET. Specifically for heavy duty automotive applications, the SQM200N04-1m1L is Vishay's first power MOSFET to take advantage of the low resistance contribution and very high current rating of the 7-pin D²PAK package. When combined with Vishay's high-dens...

Eva kit for remote medical systems
22.12.2012 - 17:30

 Energy Micro announces a partnership with Lamprey Networks to provide energy friendly, secure and certified remote monitoring medical electronic systems. Using a standard EFM32 starter-kit and HealthLink PC tools, the design includes a USB driver and communications protocol stack certified by Continua Health Alliance. Continua is the inter...

Mouser: NXP LPC800 LPCXpresso Board
22.12.2012 - 17:27

Mouser Electronics is stocking and shipping the NXP Semiconductors’ LPC800 LPCXpresso Board, based on the 32-bit LPC800 microcontroller family designed for the 8-bit microcontroller market. LPCXpresso, the full-featured IDE-based software development tool, supports the complete product design cycle for the LPC800, easing the transition to ...

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