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Prototype sodium-ion battery displays similar performance to lithium
29.11.2015 - 23:47

French researchers from within the RS2E network on electrochemical energy storage have developed the first battery using sodium ions in the usual "18650" format, an industry standard. The prototype batteries are claimed to have displayed performance levels comparable to their lithium counterparts, and be used to store renewable energy ...

CERN Magnet Group produced record-breaking magnetic field
29.11.2015 - 23:42

The CERN magnet group has set a world record with its racetrack test magnet which has produced a 16.2tesla (16.2T) peak field – nearly twice that produced by the current LHC dipoles and the highest ever for a dipole magnet of this configuration. The Racetrack Model Coil (RMC) is one of several demonstration test magnets being built by t...

Volvo and Microsoft develop next generation automotive technologies
28.11.2015 - 23:23

Volvo and Microsoft have revealed how Microsoft HoloLens, the world’s first fully untethered holographic computer, might be used in future to redefine how customers first encounter and explore a car, as well as how cars might be bought and sold in future. Björn Annwall, Volvos’ senior vice president of marketing, sales and se...

Smallest Raspberry Pi yet to cost just $5
28.11.2015 - 23:13

The Raspberry Pi Organisation has announced the availability of Raspberry Pi Zero, which will cost just $5. The device is also the smallest to be released, measuring 65 x 30 x 5mm. The device, described as a fully fledged member of the Raspberry Pi family, features a Broadcom BCM2835 application processor, whose 1GHz ARM11 core is 40% faster ...

'Self-healing' gel makes electronics more flexible
27.11.2015 - 23:16

A first-of-its-kind self-healing gel that is claimed to repair and connect electronic circuits has been developed by researchers in the Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas. This material could create opportunities to advance the development of flexible electronics, biosensors and batteries as energy storage devices. Tech...

Smart chip tells you how healthy your battery is
27.11.2015 - 23:13

Scientists from Nanyang Technological University (NTU Singapore), led by Professor Rachid Yazami, have developed a smart chip which can tell you how healthy your battery is and if it is safe for use. Current warning systems only alert users when the battery is already overheating which may be too late for remedial action. Prof Yazami’s ...

Versatile single-chip sensor for ion detection in fluids
27.11.2015 - 23:08

Imec and Holst Centre have demonstrated a prototype of a single-chip electrochemical sensor for simultaneous detection of multiple ions in fluids. The demonstrator paves the way to small-sized, low-cost detection systems for agriculture, healthcare and lifestyle applications, food quality monitoring and water management. The ion sensor soluti...

‘Clear market need’ claimed for 8bit MCUs
26.11.2015 - 23:03

Many think that 8bit microcontrollers are things of the past, replaced by 32bit devices, often ARM based. But publishing the 8bit MCU’s obituary may have to wait for a bit longer; at least in the view of Steve Drehobl, vp of Microchip’s 8bit MCU business. “There remains a clear market need for 8bit,” he contended, poin...

£92m investment in UK manufacturing hubs
24.11.2015 - 22:42

Universities and Science Minister Jo Johnson has announced two £10million manufacturing research hubs that will address major, long-term challenges facing the UK's manufacturing industries, and capture opportunities from emerging research. The Hubs will be based at the University of Southampton and Brunel University in London and wi...

Collaboration to boost the UKs IoT industry
24.11.2015 - 22:40

Cambridge Wireless (CW), CENSIS, Data City and Sunderland Software City have been chosen by IoTUK to deliver its Boost programme, a series of Internet of Things (IoT) innovation challenges and rapid incubation activities taking place over the next five months aiming to convene and amplify the UK’s IoT industry to help business and economic...

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