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Conductive electronics almost as flexible as rubber
29.02.2016 - 23:52

Researchers from EPFL have developed conductive tracks that they say are almost as flexible as rubber and can be stretched up to four times their original length and in all directions. The team claims the electronics can also be stretched a million times without cracking or interrupting their conductivity. Both solid and flexible, the res...

40 year old solution to internet 'capacity crunch'
29.02.2016 - 23:47

Researchers from Aston University are claiming that a laser-based technique first proposed in the 1970s could be used to counter the internet 'capacity crunch' - a phrase which has attracted much attention and is building presence as we want better, faster Internet and pervasive, instant connectivity to the global network. To keep opt...

ATP based supercomputer could be smaller, more energy efficient
29.02.2016 - 23:44

Researchers at McGill University in Montreal believe it may be possible to construct a supercomputer based on adenosine triphosphate (ATP) – a substance that provides power to human cells. The team also believes that such a device could be smaller and more power efficient than current supercomputers. The research team has created a chip...

Raspberry Pi3 boasts quad core A53 processor
29.02.2016 - 23:41

RS Components and element14 have unveiled the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. The latest version of the credit card sized computer features an SoC based on a 64bit ARM Cortex A53 quad core processor, as well as integrated Bluetooth and wireless LAN connectivity IoT development projects. Eben Upton, CEO of Raspberry Pi Trading, said: “Four years...

'Most compact' multidomain scope launched
29.02.2016 - 23:38

Said to be the most compact lab oscilloscope available for multidomain applications, the RTO2000 from Rohde & Schwarz allows complex measurements to be made quickly. According to the company, the device allows developers to analyse how functional units in advanced embedded designs – such as power supplies, the processor system and t...

Ultrathin, flexible photovoltaic cells have many potential future uses
29.02.2016 - 23:35

Researchers at MIT have demonstrated what they claim are the thinnest, lightest solar cells ever produced. This proof-of-concept shows an approach to making solar cells that could help power the next generation of portable electronic devices. According to the researchers, the key to their approach is to make the solar cell, the substrate that...

IO-Link transceiver saves space, cuts heat
29.02.2016 - 23:32

The desire to gather more information about manufacturing equipment embodied in Industry 4.0 is pushing sensor manufacturers to make smaller, but more capable devices which generate less heat. Looking to help them meet these challenges, Maxim Integrated has launched the MAX14827, a dual channel 250mA IO-Link transceiver which is said to integ...

Low power sub GHz radio for industrial applications
29.02.2016 - 23:30

Building on its expertise in developing RF transceivers for medical applications, Microsemi has unveiled a low power sub GHz transceiver for industrial systems. According to the company, the ZL70550 brings ‘best in class’ low power characteristics, a high level of integration and an extremely small footprint. Francois Pelletier, p...

Testbed to develop time sensitive networking reference architecture
29.02.2016 - 23:27

A collaboration organised by the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) and involving Bosch Rexroth, Cisco, Intel, KUKA, National Instruments, Schneider Electric and TTTech is developing the first Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) testbed. “Testbeds are a major focus and activity of the IIC and its members,” said IIC executive directo...

Quantum dot work to bring ‘new era’ for electronics
29.02.2016 - 23:22

A research group from Cornell University in the US believes its work with quantum dot solids might help to usher in a new era in electronics. The team, led by associate professor Tobias Hanrath, has fused together lead-selenium nanocrystal building blocks to form atomically coherent square superlattices. The difference between these and prev...

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