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32bit MCU portfolio expanded

Renesas has expanded its 32bit MCU portfolio with the addition of the RX24T group. Based on the RXv2 CPU core, the devices are said to offer enhanced performance, a decrease of 30% in development time and additional instructions that accelerate performance and energy efficiency in a range of applications.

There are six devices in the range, with 80 to 100pins and on chip flash ranging from 128 to 256kbyte. With a performance of up to 160DMIPs, the parts have dedicated analogue functions that address inverter applications, increase the arithmetic operations and expand the motor control functions of devices in the RX23T range.

The RX24T range is based on the RXv2 CPU core, with a five stage pipeline, a floating point unit and DSP functions. The company claims that, effectively, the RX24T running at 80MHz has performance levels similar to those of a comparable 100MHz device.

Board space is reduced by the RX24T integrating external circuits required by inverter control systems, such as op amps supporting simultaneous four channel amplification of three-shunt and one-shunt currents, comparators capable of overcurrent detection of amplified current, sample and hold circuits that can handle up to five channels simultaneously and DataFlash for storing log and setting files.

Graham Pitcher

Source:  www.newelectronics.co.uk

Date: 25.03.2016
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