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AMD tapes out products on GloFo’s 14LPP process

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4 years ago

AMD tapes out products on GloFo’s 14LPP process

AMD says it has taped out multiple products using Globalfoundries’ 14nm low power plus (14LPP) process technology and is currently conducting validation work on 14LPP production samples. The 14LPP platform uses fully depleted FinFET transistors to deliver more processing power in a smaller footprint.

“FinFET technology is expected to play a critical foundational role across multiple AMD product lines, starting in 2016,” said Mark Papermaster, AMD’s chief technology officer. “We look forward to Globalfoundries' continued progress towards full production readiness and expect to leverage the advanced 14LPP process technology across a broad set of CPU, APU and GPU products.”

According to Globalfoundries, the 14LPP FinFET process is ramping at Fab 8, pictured, in New York state. “Our 14nm FinFET technology [offers] an ideal solution for demanding high volume, high performance and power efficient designs with the best die size,” claimed Mike Cadigan, senior vice president of product management at Globalfoundries.

Graham Pitcher


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