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Cambridge electromagnetic theory research paper called into question

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5 years ago

Cambridge electromagnetic theory research paper called into question

Scientists from ITMO University, Australian National University and Aalto University have called into question the results of a study published by researchers from Cambridge University which claimed to have found the ‘missing link’ in electromagnetic theory.

However, according to the critics, having read the paper carefully, it became clear that the Cambridge group’s results were based on ‘an erroneous interpretation of experiments and surprising lack of understanding of theory’.

“Many rather sensational claims, made by our Cambridge colleagues, do not stand to the critical analysis and can be easily refuted simply by looking at the current literature on the topic,” said Professor Konstantin Simovsky from Aalto University. “In particular, the paper says that the effectiveness of a resonator is higher when its symmetry is broken or that electromagnetic waves can only be radiated by a non symmetrical antenna; these conclusions are absolutely incorrect and can mislead a inexperienced reader.”

In the original paper, the Cambridge scientists claimed their work could help decrease the size of antennas to the point where they could be integrated inside electronic circuits.

Graham Pitcher


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