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Consumer electronics set to drive demand for flexible batteries

Electronics News
5 years ago

Consumer electronics set to drive demand for flexible batteries

A market report from IDTechEx has determined the big consumer electronics companies are set to drive demand for flexible batteries such that the market will grow from $6.9million in 2015 to more than $400m in 2025.

The company recognises that while flexible or printed batteries have been available commercially for more than 15 years, no applications have required volume production. However, it says, the market is undergoing drastic change driven by the emergence of new sectors, including wearable electronics.

In the report – Flexible, Printed and Thin Film Batteries 2015-2025 – the market researcher says that while product developers are looking to reduce energy consumption and improve charging methods, wearable technology and IoT require ultra thin flexible batteries with small footprints.

The report cites a number of examples, including Samsung's demonstration of flexible, rollable battery (pictured), Apple's battery patents for wearables and consumer electronics and LG Chemical's curved battery. 'Other big names, such as Nokia, Showa Denko and STMicroelectronics are making their contributions in this area as well', it adds.

Graham Pitcher


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