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Developer platform offers 85Gflops performance

Non-profit development board community GizmoSphere has announced the availability of the Gizmo 2 DIY platform.

With 85Gflops performance, the open source platform is said to combine the power of a high performance computer with the I/O capabilities of a microcontroller. 

Drawing only 9W, it features an easy to customise, open hardware design and includes the AMD GX-210HA dual core processor, combined on a single die with AMD Radeon HD 8210E discrete class graphics. 

The Gizmo 2 can be used for applications including multi-core engineering, industrial control and automation, gaming systems, digital signage, medical and network appliance, and microcontroller applications. 

It is available now from element14 and includes Linux from Timesys and a coreboot based SageBIOS OSP from Sage Electronic Engineering. 

Laura Hopperton

Source:  www.newelectronics.co.uk

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