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EU semi sales on track for a healthy 2014

The latest figures from DMASS, the Distributors' and Manufacturers' Association of Semiconductor Specialists, show sales of semiconductors through distribution channels grew by 7.3% in Q3 to €1.57billion, with growth in most major regions.

DMASS chairman Georg Steinberger commented: "We were happy to see Q3 turning out better than expected. The 7.3% rise has set us on a growth course for 2014 of 6 to 7%, which is remarkable after the two year spluttering of 2012 and 2013. 

"The results were positive across the regional board, with some selected negative exceptions. In the first nine months, DMASS members reported semiconductor distribution sales of almost €4.8bn." 

Regionally, only Nordic, Benelux and Switzerland came in negatively in Q3, with France and Italy both reporting positive although under proportional growth. 

On the plus side, Turkey, Russia, the UK, Iberia, Austria, Israel and Germany showed above average sales increases. Over 9 months the regional split of DMASS shows a share of 32% for Germany, 9.8% for Italy, 8.5% for the UK, 7.7% for France, 9% for Nordic and 11.2% for Eastern Europe. 

Steinberger continued: "No big surprises occurred over the last nine months, apart from: Nordic lost more ground in its manufacturing base, losing electronics production to Eastern Europe or Asia. In general, considering the macro-economic environment for Europe at the moment, the outlook for 2015 is only moderate. 

"However, Europeans tend to see glass half full far too often for my taste. Let us be hopeful that 2015 will have some positive surprises for our industry."

Laura Hopperton

Source:  www.newelectronics.co.uk

Date: 17.11.2014
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