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High efficiency integrated power stages

With a power efficiency as high as 96%, devices from Infineon’s latest integrated power stage family can be combined with digital PWM power management controllers to provide a full multiphase voltage regulation system solution for server, storage, client and communications systems.

The devices – said to reduce power loss and to simplify design of voltage regulation solutions for multicore processors, ASICs and FPGAs and systems where efficient power management is critical – feature integration of driver technology, FET technology and package technology and are said to benefit from the combination of Infineon and International Rectifier’s capabilities.

Devices in the new family come in industry standard 5 x 6mm packages and support input voltages ranging from 4.25 to 16V. Output voltage ranges from 0.25 to 5.5V and output current can be as high as 70A. Operating at up to 1.5MHz, the parts are optimised for use with 5V drive circuitry.

According to the supplier, dual edge trim dead time leads to a significant improvement in peak efficiency. Meanwhile, internal MOSFET RDS(on) current sensing, along with integrated temperature compensation, brings improved current sense accuracy versus inductor DCR sense methods. The parts also offer cycle by cycle overcurrent protection, with programmable threshold and fault flag. Additionally, there is a programmable constant current limit, while undervoltage lock out protection is said to support stable operation during system start up.

Graham Pitcher

Source:  www.newelectronics.co.uk

Date: 25.03.2016
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