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Encryption for everyone, claims Fraunhofer research institute
26.03.2015 - 20:42

Responding from a perceived demand from industry and society at large for practicable encryption solutions, researchers from the German Fraunhofer Institute have launched an open initiative intended to make end to end encryption more widely available.  The team, from the Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology (SIT), has d...

Electroluminescence could enable cost effective large area displays
25.03.2015 - 20:39

While organic LEDs can be incorporated in thin layers and used on curved surfaces, large area displays are not cost effective because of their low efficiency and short operating life. One alternative to OLEDs is electroluminescence, in which phosphors are excited in an electric field and researchers at the INM–Leibniz Institute for New ...

NI boosts 5G presence with acquisition of BEEcube
25.03.2015 - 20:35

Looking to boost its presence in 5G communications, National Instruments is acquiring BEEcube, a leading supplier of FPGA based prototyping and deployment products for advanced wireless research, wireless infrastructure and military/defence applications.  "As the Internet of Things drives greater demand for data and an increasing nu...

FD-SOI's proponents propose a detour around FinFETs
24.03.2015 - 22:04

Those organisations trying to make fully depleted silicon on insulator (FD-SOI) technology a realistic alternative to FinFETs have sketched out a roadmap intended to broaden its appeal. Included is non volatile memory, better RF handling and a path to 7nm. At the recent DATE conference in Grenoble, Carlo Reita, director of nanoelectronics tec...

70GHz scope features 'lowest noise' of similar devices
24.03.2015 - 22:00

Tektronix has unveiled the DPO70000SX, a 70GHz oscilloscope said to feature the lowest noise and highest effective number of bits of any high bandwidth real time oscilloscope currently available. One of the target markets for the device is communications. Dean Miles, technical marketing manager, noted: "We are seeing a lot of investment ...

New type of magnet could benefit storage, data comms
24.03.2015 - 21:56

While attempting to develop a novel type of permanent magnet, a team of researchers at Trinity College Dublin has discovered a new class of magnetic materials based on Mn-Ga alloys. According to the team, the Mn2RuxGa magnetic alloy – or MRG – has some unusual properties that may allow it to revolutionise data storage, as well as ...

Tool flow provides efficient chip/package/PCB codesign
24.03.2015 - 21:52

Mentor Graphics has unveiled the Xpedition Package Integrator, a tool which is said to coordinate and optimise the product design process from integrated circuit to PCB. Mentor Graphics has unveiled the Xpedition Package Integrator, a tool which is said to coordinate and optimise the product design process from integrated circuit to PCB. &...

XMOS ships first xCore200
24.03.2015 - 21:49

XMOS has announced the launch of the XCORE-200, a Gigabit Ethernet enabled family of multicore MCUs. The devices integrate 16 32bit RISC cores and are said to be the first 10/100/1000 Ethernet solutions which offer a programmable MAC layer and webserver support. Mark Lippett, general manager of the xCORE business unit, said: "This genera...

Consumer electronics set to drive demand for flexible batteries
23.03.2015 - 18:40

A market report from IDTechEx has determined the big consumer electronics companies are set to drive demand for flexible batteries such that the market will grow from $6.9million in 2015 to more than $400m in 2025. The company recognises that while flexible or printed batteries have been available commercially for more than 15 years, no appli...

BIST creation service said to speed time to market
23.03.2015 - 18:36

According to Escatec, several companies usually have to work together to create a production test solution that links into NI LabVIEW/TestStand PC test software – often a slow and process expensive that is prone to mistakes. Looking to overcome these difficulties, the Swiss based contract manufacturing services specialist has launched a...

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