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IBM launches long range WAN technology for M2M communications
12.03.2015 - 21:51

A new communications technology developed by IBM Research and Semtech is said to offer 'significant advantages' over cellular networks and Wi-Fi when it comes to M2M communications. The technology, called LoRaWAN – Long Range wide-area networks – taps the unlicensed wireless spectrum, allowing sensors to communicate over l...

Power products boost efficiency by reducing switching losses
12.03.2015 - 21:48

Infineon has introduced the OptiMOS 5 product family of 25V and 30V devices, including power MOSFETs in standard discrete packages, a new class of power stages named Power Block and in an integrated power stage called DrMOS 5x5. According to the company, efficiency improvements of around 1% have been made across the whole load range compared ...

BBC to distribute 1million coding devices as part of major project
12.03.2015 - 21:43

As part of a major project which aims to build on the legacy of the BBC Micro, the BBC plans give a personal coding device to every child across the country starting secondary school in September 2015. The device, which is still in development, is currently called Micro Bit. The BBC says it will be a small, wearable device with an LED display...

Parallel programming said to be simplified with new approach
12.03.2015 - 21:40

Although multicore processors have been available for some years, methods that allow software to take advantage of multicore processing have been slow to evolve. Looking to address the issue, computer scientists from Saarland University say they have developed a tool that parallelises code sections automatically, whilst giving developers program...

The Desyre for change in SoC design
12.03.2015 - 21:37

SoCs for critical applications could use 28% less energy and 48% less chip area while offering hardware failure rate nine times lower, if they were designed using the Desyre architecture, according to the European project. The result, the project adds, would reduce hospital costs and replacement rate of medical devices drastically. The DeSyRe...

Perovskites could improve fabrication of ceramic electronics
12.03.2015 - 21:35

Scientists in Japan believe perovskites have the potential to improve the fabrication of electrodes and wiring in devices such as multilayer ceramic capacitors, as well as spark plugs. Such devices are composed of oxides and metals – the oxides provide the product's electric, optical or magnetic properties, while the metals are used...

Mercury telluride could offer properties that graphene can't, researchers claim
11.03.2015 - 21:54

A 2D material made from mercury and tellurium is likely to not only feature the properties of graphene, but also to add qualities that graphene misses. Professor Cristiane Morais Smith from Utrecht University said: "If we succeed in synthesising it and the material exhibits the combination of exotic properties at room temperature that we...

SoC design package improves power, performance, area 'by up to 20%'
11.03.2015 - 21:50

Cadence Design Systems has introduced the Innovus Implementation System, said to allow SoC developers to improve power, performance and area (PPA), while reducing time to market. According to the company, Innovus can improve PPA by up to 20% at advanced process nodes and is '10nm ready'. Key features of the package include:  &...

Australian researchers uses sound waves to tune the performance of 2D materials
10.03.2015 - 21:47

The performance of devices such as mobile phone cameras and solar cells could be boosted by 'nano earthquakes', according to researchers from Australia's RMIT University. The performance of devices such as mobile phone cameras and solar cells could be boosted by 'nano earthquakes', according to researchers from Australia&#...

Analysis: It's a bold move, but will the combination of NXP and Freescale bring the better future anticipated?
10.03.2015 - 21:43

NXP is to acquire Freescale in a deal which values the latter at $17.6billion. The merged company will become the leading supplier of semiconductors to the automotive sector, the market leader in general purpose microcontrollers and the fourth largest semiconductor supplier, excluding memory companies. "This is a transformative step in o...

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