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Xilinx claims 20nm production advantage for Kintex FPGAs
19.12.2014 - 22:36

Xilinx says its Kintex UltraScale KU040 FPGAs have moved into volume production on a 20nm process.  "Xilinx is pleased to move the KU040 into full production," said Wouter Suverkropp, senior product line manager for Kintex FPGAs. "This milestone follows months of design work by our customers, leveraging the performance of ...

NMI, ESCO look to set up Trailblazer apprentice scheme for electronics industry
18.12.2014 - 21:34

Industry body NMI and the Electronic Systems Community (ESCO) have been given the opportunity to develop a new model for apprenticeships and are looking for industry support to define the scheme and get it off the ground.  According to the partners: "We are acutely aware of the shortage of engineering skills and are proactive at add...

Spintronics breakthrough points to cheaper, faster data processing
18.12.2014 - 21:31

In a development that holds promise for future magnetic memory and logic devices, researchers in the US have successfully used an electric field to reverse the magnetisation direction in a multiferroic spintronic device at room temperature. The demonstration, made by a team from the US Department of Energy's Berkeley Lab, could lead to sm...

Crossbar claims a solution to RRAM sneak path current problem
18.12.2014 - 21:28

Resistive RAM pioneer Crossbar says it has developed a method which suppresses the sneak path current; an effect which makes it difficult to read data reliably from individual memory cells. Without this ability, the company says, RRAM developers cannot deliver high density 3D memory arrays.  The company came out of 'stealth mode'...

Plastic film based RFID transponder runs from 0.55V supply
18.12.2014 - 21:24

An ultra low power RFID transponder chip that operates from a supply of less than 1V was described by Belgian research centre imec at the recent IEDM conference. The device, created using thin film transistor technology (TFTs) on plastic film, is said to pave the way for such applications as item level RFID tagging, body area networks and enviro...

Beware of ‘wiggle words’ says certification specialist
18.12.2014 - 21:20

According to certification specialist SGS, the phrase that manufacturers and importers should avoid, as part of a disclosure, is 'to the best of my knowledge'. It says this seemingly innocent statement is often used to cover up a lack of objective evidence or, in the worst case, is an attempt to cover up a known lack of compliance or the...

AFM cantilever features integral calibration sensor
18.12.2014 - 21:15

The atomic force microscope (AFM) is used by scientists to resolve features as small as individual atoms. Instead of magnifying with a lens, AFMs use a flexible cantilever with a tiny tip to 'feel' the surface. As a nanoscale feature is passed, interactions between the atoms on the tip and on the object's surface cause the cantilever...

Graphene-sulphur combo battery ‘extremely promising’
16.12.2014 - 22:34

As part of the wider attempts to create smaller batteries that can be recharged for longer and which offer more power, researchers at the University of Cambridge, along with a team from the Beijing Institute of Technology, have developed what is described as a 'novel multifunctional sulphur electrode'. The device, which combines an en...

Charity offers £10m grant to support big data research
16.12.2014 - 22:29

Engineering related research and education charity Lloyd's Register Foundation has offered a conditional grant of £10million over five years to support research by the Alan Turing Institute into the engineering applications of big data. The offer, subject to specific areas of research being finalised, follows the Foundation's Fores...

imec, Ghent University develop graphene based electro absorption modulator
16.12.2014 - 22:26

Nanoelectronics research centre imec, in partnership with Ghent University, has developed an integrated graphene optical electro absorption modulator (EAM) capable of modulating at 10Gbit/s. According to the organisation, this is an important milestone in the development of high density, low power integrated optical interconnects.  Imec&...

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