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GPS receiver with update rate of 20 Hz
05.02.2013 - 20:49

Ipetronik announces IPEspeed, a robust GPS receiver with an update rate of 20 Hz. IPEspeed passes GPS data continuously to the CAN bus and offers great flexibility with a wide variety of measurement systems. More and more, vehicle test drives require not only recording of the route travelled, but also require the continuous recording of vehicle ...

Infineon: package combines security chip and antenna
05.02.2013 - 20:47

Infineon introduced its Coil on Module chip package for Dual Interface bank and credit cards. Dual Interface cards, which are used for both contact-based and contactless applications, are a fast growing segment of the global payments industry. The new package combines a security chip and antenna that makes a radio frequency (RF) connection to th...

JTAG: Update for free boundary-scan tools
30.01.2013 - 14:50

The makers of JTAG Live Buzz and BuzzPlus announce a new release of the popular JTAG Live platform and the free Buzz module that is now downloadable without registration. New JTAG Live V1.6 features include an automatic chain detect that can interrogate multiple boundary-scan chains to determine the number of components in each plus their manufa...

40V power MOSFET in 7-pin D²PAK packaging
22.12.2012 - 17:32

 Vishay introduced a AEC-Q101-qualified, 40V n-channel TrenchFET power MOSFET. Specifically for heavy duty automotive applications, the SQM200N04-1m1L is Vishay's first power MOSFET to take advantage of the low resistance contribution and very high current rating of the 7-pin D²PAK package. When combined with Vishay's high-dens...

Eva kit for remote medical systems
22.12.2012 - 17:30

 Energy Micro announces a partnership with Lamprey Networks to provide energy friendly, secure and certified remote monitoring medical electronic systems. Using a standard EFM32 starter-kit and HealthLink PC tools, the design includes a USB driver and communications protocol stack certified by Continua Health Alliance. Continua is the inter...

Mouser: NXP LPC800 LPCXpresso Board
22.12.2012 - 17:27

Mouser Electronics is stocking and shipping the NXP Semiconductors’ LPC800 LPCXpresso Board, based on the 32-bit LPC800 microcontroller family designed for the 8-bit microcontroller market. LPCXpresso, the full-featured IDE-based software development tool, supports the complete product design cycle for the LPC800, easing the transition to ...

Automotive mystery solved
27.07.2012 - 09:07

One of the ancient mysteries of the automotive world is when to change your oil. Your dad probably told you to do it every 3,000-5,000 miles. Newer cars flash a message on the dash when you reach the prescribed milestone. But, do you truly believe that the useful life of motor oil depends entirely on how many miles you have driven? Doesn't...

27.07.2012 - 09:05

Anew introduction from Murata Power Solutions (www.murata-ps.com) is the MVAB120 series of open-frame, single output, 120W power supplies. Useful for a range of telecom and industrial applications, the supplies are up to 91% efficient and offer fan-free operation using convection cooling. The devices come in three output models — 12, 24, a...

FingerTip touchscreen technology
17.06.2011 - 09:52

STMicroelectronics announced its FingerTip technology, which enables a single-chip solution for capacitive touchscreens up to 10 inches in diameter with multi-touch capability. ST's MEMS sensors and FingerTip technology share a similar architecture, in which a sensing element is connected to a high-performance capacitance-sensing circuit. S...

MEMS microphones for high-fidelity
27.04.2010 - 08:53

Analog Devices has created two MEMS microphones that enable advanced audio functions for portable electronics. These functions include high-fidelity audio/video playback, hands free communication, and voice recognition with built-in wind noise suppression, and TIA-920-compliance for VoIP applications.  The ADMP 404 and ADMP405 iMEMS micr...

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