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Radio technology to extend battery life for mobile devices
29.08.2016 - 23:13

A prototype radio from the University of Massachusetts Amherst that allows small mobile devices, such as fitness trackers and smartwatches, to take advantage of battery power in larger devices nearby for communication is currently undergoing testing. "We take for granted the ability to offload storage and computation from our relatively ...

Green Hills Software completes RTOS certification for avionics computers
20.08.2016 - 23:01

Green Hills Software has completed all of the RTCA/DO-178B Level A certification requirements for its Integrity-178 tuMP multicore real-time operating system (RTOS) for Esterline CMC’s next generation of integrated avionics computers and smart displays. Esterline initial deployment of the Integrity-178 tuMP will be on its 3rd generation...

Caterpillar robot powered and controlled with light
20.08.2016 - 22:59

Researchers at the University of Warsaw have developed a natural-scale soft caterpillar robot with an opto-mechanical liquid crystalline elastomer (LCE) monolithic design, using LCE technology developed in the LENS Institute in Florence. LCEs are smart materials that can exhibit large shape change under illumination with visible light. It is ...

Analog Devices boosts cybersecurity portfolio with acquisition
18.08.2016 - 22:46

Analog Devices has announced the acquisition of the Cyber Security Solutions (CSS) business of Sypris Electronics. The CSS business of Sypris Electronics specialises in secure system and software technology, and delivers information security services to customers, including military and government organisations. With this transaction, ADI ...

Interscatter enables implanted devices to 'talk' WiFi
18.08.2016 - 22:43

Researchers from University of Washington (UW) have developed a way for devices as varied as brain implants, contact lenses and credit cards, to communicate with mobile devices. In one demonstration, a smartwatch transmitted a Bluetooth signal to a smart contact lens fitted with an antenna. The team's process relies on a communication tec...

Solid lithium garnet batteries improve safety
18.08.2016 - 22:39

Researchers at ETH Zurich have developed a non-flammable battery that consists of solid chemical compounds. "Solid electrolytes do not catch fire even when heated to high temperatures or exposed to the air," explained Jennifer Rupp, professor of electrochemical materials at ETH Zurich. One of the challenges in developing solid-state...

Graphene based plasmonic 'spaser' could detect dangerous materials
18.08.2016 - 22:36

Researchers from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology have found graphene might be suitable for manufacturing plasmonic devices capable of detecting a single molecule of explosive materials, toxic chemicals, and other organic based compounds. Plasmon is a quasiparticle or a quantum of plasma oscillations. According to the researcher...

Radar display and target tracking modules for naval navigation radar system
18.08.2016 - 22:32

Cambridge Pixel has been selected by Lockheed Martin Integrated Systems to supply software modules for radar scan conversion, target tracking and radar fusion for integration into Lockheed Martin’s naval vigilance radar system. The deal is part of a £44million Royal Navy Upgrade awarded to Lockheed Martin by the UK Ministry of Def...

PragmatIC awarded grant to develop production equipment
18.08.2016 - 22:30

PragmatIC has been awarded €1.6million funding under the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme (phase 2), for development of its FlexLogIC equipment. Described as a ‘fab-in-a-box’ model, FlexLogIC is said to produce flexICs at costs between 100 and 1000 times lower than a silicon fab. Scott White, CEO, said: “This signif...

Laboratory test SELFA for nanomaterial safety screening
18.08.2016 - 22:28

A test developed at UCLA uses lab-on-a-chip technology to predict how hazardous engineered nanomaterials might be. It could also be used to identify biological biomarkers that can help scientists and doctors detect cancer and infectious diseases. The new platform, which is called semiconductor electronic label-free assay, or SELFA, is said to...

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