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Algorithm could save millions in energy costs
16.12.2015 - 20:38

A team from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore), led by Assistant Professor Wen Yonggang from NTU’s School of Computer Engineering, has developed an algorithm that could help companies and factories cut their energy bills by as much as 10%. The algorithm is able to analyse energy consumption by connecting to sens...

Semtech and ST collaborate on LoRa technology for IoT Applications
16.12.2015 - 20:34

STMicroelectronics has announced that it will collaborate with Semtech on its LoRa long-range wireless RF technology. ST intends to use the technology to target Internet of Things (IoT) deployments by mobile network operators (MNOs) and large-scale private networks. ST will join the LoRa Alliance and release reference designs for LoRa technol...

Test and measurement portfolio upgraded with six in one instrument
10.12.2015 - 23:48

Tektronix has launched the MDO4000C, which can be configured to include up to six instruments in one unit, including a full spectrum analyser. The company says this allows the instrument to be updated over time, which functionality added as needs change or budgets allow. The MDO4000C provides a synchronised view of analogue and digital wavefo...

Collaboration addresses compiler revalidation time
10.12.2015 - 23:42

Solid Sands and Vector Software are to work together to integrate the VectorCAST Change Based Testing approach with Solid Sands’ SuperTest C/C++ compiler test and validation suite. The move is expected to minimise compiler revalidation time by executing only those test cases which are impacted by compiler code changes and by reporting in a...

CMOS circuit powered by ATP; holds promise of bioelectronic systems
08.12.2015 - 23:33

Researchers at Columbia University in New York say they have adenosine triphosphate (ATP) to power an integrated circuit. The team coupled a conventional CMOS circuit with an artificial lipid bilayer membrane containing ATP powered ion pumps and say this could open the door to creating systems that contain biological and solid-state components. ...

Leti ‘close’ to demonstrating qubits on an SoI process
08.12.2015 - 23:29

CEA-Leti has announced what it calls preliminary steps for demonstrating a quantum bit – or qubit – in a process usjng a silicon on insulator (SoI) CMOS platform. According to the French R&D organisation, the leading solid state approach for treating quantum information uses superconducting qubits, but it says other approaches...

Giving brains to electric vehicle battery cells
08.12.2015 - 23:26

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute have developed an energy storage device which is said to be significantly more cost-effective over the entire life cycle of a battery than previous approaches. Batteries for electric vehicles are, in general, monolithic blocks accommodating individual cells and the necessary technology. While all cells ...

Measuring nanoscale features with fractions of light
08.12.2015 - 23:23

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) researchers claim to have used optical microscopes emitting tiny fractions of the wavelength of light to measure chip features that are approaching 10nm. Using a microscope that combines standard through-the-lens viewing with a technique called scatterfield imaging, the NIST team accuratel...

Graphene microsupercapacitors make simple, powerful energy storage possible
08.12.2015 - 23:20

The Rice University researchers who pioneered the development of laser-induced graphene have formed it into flexible, solid-state microsupercapacitors that are claimed to charge 50 times faster than batteries, discharge more slowly than traditional capacitors and match commercial supercapacitors for both the amount of energy stored and power del...

Reference design kit reduces design cycle by up to 12 weeks
07.12.2015 - 22:54

Cadence Design Systems and Spreadtrum have developed a virtual reference design kit specific to Spreadtrum’s SC9830A quad-core system-on-chip (SoC) platform requirements. The kit is claimed to enable designers to accelerate their product and application design cycles by up to 12 weeks, including time spent on schematic design, PCB design a...

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