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Metamaterial lets light go ‘infinitely fast’
24.10.2015 - 23:17

Researchers at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) claim to have designed the first on chip metamaterial with a refractive index of zero. The team says this means the phase of light can travel infinitely quickly. The metamaterial consists of an array of silicon pillars embedded in a polymer matrix and clad in gold fi...

Going Back to the Future with electric DeLorean
22.10.2015 - 23:08

Queen’s University Belfast will unveil its electric DeLorean, on the exact date that Marty McFly went Back to the Future in the iconic Belfast-built car The DeLorean was famously modified as a time machine in the Back to the Future movies, the second of which saw Marty McFly travel to 21 October 2015 to prevent his future son being sent...

Imagination announces IoT development board
22.10.2015 - 06:05

Imagination Technologies has announced that it is working on a Creator board for the IoT market, to accompany its Creator Ci20 microcomputer. It is called Creator Ci40 and features an innovative MIPS-based chip. The chip at the heart of the Creator Ci40 development board has been manufactured by GLOBALFOUNDRIES on a 40nm low power process nod...

ARM acquisition offers designers cycle-accurate virtual prototyping for complex SoCs
22.10.2015 - 06:02

ARM has acquired the product portfolio and other business assets of Carbon Design Systems (Carbon), a supplier of cycle-accurate virtual prototyping solutions. ARM claims that this combination of assets and expertise will enhance its capability in SoC architectural exploration, system analysis and software bring-up. "Early stage virtual ...

CBI calls on government to prioritise innovation spending
22.10.2015 - 05:58

The CBI says that raising total research and development spending to 3% of GDP will help achieve this, buttressed by a dedicated and long-term industrial strategy. Both are growth-enhancing measures that contribute to increased productivity. The CBI is calling on ministers to double the budget for Innovate UK after new research by the employe...

Graphene-based inks enable cheaper printed electronics
22.10.2015 - 05:55

Researchers at the University of Cambridge and Cambridge-based company Novalia have developed a low-cost, high-speed method for printing graphene inks using a conventional roll-to-roll printing process. This method could open up a range of practical applications, including inexpensive printed electronics, intelligent packaging and disposable sen...

Intel-powered development board for next generation of innovators
22.10.2015 - 05:39

Intel, in conjunction with the founders of Arduino, has announced the release of Genuino 101, a learning and development board for entry-level makers and education environments. Genuino 101 is claimed to be the first widely available development board based on Intel’s CurieTM module. Josh Walden, senior vice president and general manage...

PPS and Strathclyde partner to conduct sensor based research
21.10.2015 - 05:36

Pressure Profile Systems (PPS) has announced a major investment in a five-year research partnership with the University of Strathclyde, worth around £300,000. During the first 12-month phase of the partnership, three co-funded PhD/EngD students will be recruited to work on sensor-based projects, jointly with PPS and Strathclyde research...

Swiss researchers have created a memristor with three stable resistive states
21.10.2015 - 05:33

Researchers funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation have created an electronic component that could replace flash storage. This memristor could also be used one day in new types of computers. The principle of the memristor was first described in 1971, as the fourth basic component of electronic circuits (alongside resistors, capacitor...

£3.9m awarded to Loughborough University to redesign communications circuitry
17.10.2015 - 22:16

Loughborough University has been awarded £3.9million to develop a new way of designing and fabricating high frequency communications circuitry. The funding from the EPSRC will be used to establish the SYMETA – SYnthesizing 3D METAmaterials for RF, microwave and THz applications – research programme. Current conventional prin...

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