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ThingWorx and Analog Devices offer cloud environment for IoT applications
16.10.2015 - 23:40

ThingWorx has announced it is working with Analog Devices to offer customers an integrated sensor to cloud environment using the ThingWorx IoT Platform. Russell Fadel, president of ThingWorx, said: “We’re excited to collaborate with Analog Devices and endeavor to solve IoT infrastructure challenges such as connectivity, communicat...

Apple found to have infringed university patent, could face $860m bill
16.10.2015 - 23:37

Apple may have to pay a substantial settlement to the University of Wisconsin after a US federal jury found the company guilty of infringing a University patent – US Patent 5781752 – that helps to improve processor efficiency. The suit was filed by the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF), which commercialises research at t...

LPWANs to provide 26% of the total IoT connectivity market by 2020
16.10.2015 - 23:26

According to a report by Beecham Research, it is expected that Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWANs) will provide 26% of the total IoT connectivity market by 2020 with 345million connections, marking an end to the near monopoly of traditional cellular networks for machine connectivity. “LPWANs represent the most dynamic and potentially ...

US to trial electronic filing system to certify imported consumer goods
15.10.2015 - 22:35

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has approved a pilot programme to test an electronic filing system that will require those importing consumer products into the US to electronically submit five data elements. The measures are designed to enable the CPSC to enhance its surveillance of imported goods and to allow the accurate id...

Limiting lithium loss for longer battery life
15.10.2015 - 22:32

Researchers from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) are working on improving the solid electrolyte interphase (SEI) as a way to boost battery life. When a lithium battery is first charged up, a thin SEI film forms on the surface of the carbon anode. This film has a complex chemical structure containing both organic and ...

The rise of the connected home presents opportunities, but also risks
15.10.2015 - 22:28

A report from Deutsche Telekom claims the European smart homes market could be worth in excess of €19billion by 2019, when around 50million homes are expected to have installed some type of ‘smart’ technology. However, the report – ‘How to Create Growth from the Connected Home’ – finds that while the c...

Electronics Design Show returns to the Ricoh Arena in Coventry
15.10.2015 - 22:25

There’s only a week to go before EDS 2015 – incorporating the Engineering, Electronics and Embedded Design shows – opens its doors to the UK’s design engineering community, with more than 200 companies exhibiting the latest innovations. Alongside the exhibition, being held once again at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry, the...

IoT Security Foundation set up to ensure safety of smart devices
15.10.2015 - 22:21

The IoT Security Foundation (IoTSF) has been set up to ensure that smart devices are safe to use and to encourage firms developing smart gadgets to focus on security. The launch, backed by companies like, BT, Intel and Vodafone, followed an eight month consultation and development process driven by NMI. According to NMI’s John Moor, sec...

Renesas launches IoT, embedded apps development environment
15.10.2015 - 22:18

In a move intended to speed time to market for IoT and other embedded applications, Renesas has launched the Synergy platform, making available what the company calls ‘professional software’, as well as a range of MCUs, tools and other solutions. Tim Burgess, senior director, multimarket solutions, said: “Our customers spend...

Scalable MCUs optimised for software development, says Renesas
15.10.2015 - 22:15

Renesas has provided more details of the MCUs available in its Synergy platform. The S7G2 and S3A7 are said to be the first scalable MCUs to be optimised for software development. MCUs from the S7G2 group feature a 240MHz ARM Cortex-M4 CPU core and 4Mbyte of flash, enough to accommodate the software needs of HMI applications today and in the ...

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