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Using magnetic permeability to store information
12.09.2015 - 22:10

Researchers from Corning Incorporated, the Physics Department at the University of Nebraska, the US Army Research Laboratory and the Naval Research Laboratory have made steps in developing a new magnetic memory technology, which is less susceptible to corruption by magnetic fields or thermal exposure than conventional memory. The findings open u...

MIT researchers develop new many core cache coherence approach
10.09.2015 - 17:17

MIT researchers have unveiled what they claim is the first fundamentally new approach to cache coherence in more than three decades. The development – called Tardis – is said to respond to the need for a more efficient way of maintaining cache coherence in many core devices. In order to know which cores have copies of which data, ...

Freescale introduces industry’s first 10G Wi-Fi enabled home gateway solution
10.09.2015 - 17:14

Freescale semiconductor has released the QorlQ LS1043A residential gateway, claimed to be the industry’s first 10Gbit/s Internet and 10Gbit/s Wi-Fi enabled home gateway solution aimed at driving multi-gigabit broadband access toward mainstream adoption. The QorlQ LS1043A was developed in collaboration with Quantenna Communications and f...

JLR exploring the use of haptics in future vehicles
10.09.2015 - 17:11

Haptic technology developer Ultrahaptics is working with Jaguar Land Rover in the investigation of a mid air touch system for its Predictive Infotainment Screen. The work is intended to help drivers keep their eyes on the road, rather than on the technology in their cars. Using the Ultrahaptics solution, the driver’s hand can be located...

British Engineering Excellence Awards 2015 shortlist announced
10.09.2015 - 17:05

Findlay Media is delighted to announce the shortlist for this year’s British Engineering Excellence Awards (BEEAs). “Once again the calibre of entries for this year’s awards has been exceptionally high and the judges have found it difficult to agree on the shortlist,” said Phil Mayo, chairman of the judging panel and M...

Power semiconductor market to grow 5% in 2015
10.09.2015 - 17:01

According to the latest report by IHS Technology the overall power semiconductor market, including both power discretes and power modules, is predicted to grow 5% in 2015 to reach $17billion. In 2014, year-over-year power discrete revenue grew 5% and power module revenue grew 12%. Also, according to the report, the global power module market ...

HyperCat joins the Industrial Internet Consortium
10.09.2015 - 13:51

HyperCat has announced that it is joining the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) to help tackle two key IoT challenges: firstly, how to find relevant and trustworthy data from connected ‘things’; And secondly, how to make it easier for those things to talk to each other. HyperCat is focused on making data from a connected thing ...

Making IoT configuration more secure
10.09.2015 - 13:47

Researchers from the University of Southampton have identified easy-to-use techniques to configure IoT objects, to make them more secure, helping protect them from online attacks. The increased connectivity of the IoT brings additional risk. Setting personalised and strong passwords when connecting new devices to the Internet can mitigate suc...

Intersil boosts MOSFET expertise with $19m acquisition
09.09.2015 - 21:19

In a $19million cash deal, Intersil has acquired MOSFET developer Great Wall Semiconductor (GWS). Founded in 2002, GWS has been awarded 22 patents related to lateral low voltage power MOSFET technology According to Intersil, GWS’ existing and emerging FET products, combined with Intersil’s power controller portfolio, are expected ...

Arrow Electronics expands development kit portfolio with DECA evaluation board
09.09.2015 - 21:15

Arrow Electronics has announced the latest addition to its portfolio of development tools with the Arrow DECA evaluation board, featuring Altera’s MAX 10 FPGA and Enpirion power solutions. The MAX 10 FPGAs are claimed to integrate dual-configuration flash, analogue blocks, memory, DSP and embedded processing capabilities all within a singl...

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