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Energy harvesting wireless sensor node operates from 1.2µW source
23.08.2015 - 13:01

Looking to address the growing need for solar powered wireless sensors for IoT applications, Cypress has launched a family of energy harvesting power management integrated circuits that can be used with solar cells with capture areas as small as 1cm2. The S6AE101A PMIC, the first device in the new family is integrated with the EZ-BLE PRoC mod...

Manchester team works out how to stabilise 2D materials for further research
21.08.2015 - 19:21

Research by University of Manchester scientists is said to have made 'dozens' of 2D materials with unusual properties available to those developing new products. According to the team, the problem has been that most 2D materials are unstable in air, so react and decompose before their properties can be determined. However, by prote...

Industry's smallest energy-friendly touch sensing MCU
21.08.2015 - 18:58

Silicon Labs has introduced the latest member of its EFM8 eight-bit MCU portfolio designed for ultra-low-power, small-footprint IoT applications with capacitive touch sensing requirements. The EFM8SB1 Sleepy Bee MCUs, available in a 1.78 x 1.66 mm wafer-level chip-scale package, are claimed to be the industry's smallest MCUs. The MCUs are...

Microchip expands PIC MCU series
21.08.2015 - 18:55

Microchip has announced an expansion within its PIC32MX1/2 32-bit MCU family that features a 256KByte Flash configuration and 16KByte of RAM in small-footprint packages down to 6 x 6mm. These latest additions to its MCU family are said to provide flexibility to low-cost applications that need complex algorithms and application code, as well as s...

Quantum dot research lights the way
21.08.2015 - 18:52

Advances in manufacturing technology for quantum dots at Oregon State University may lead to a new generation of LED lighting that produces a more user-friendly white light, while using less toxic materials and low-cost manufacturing processes that take advantage of simple microwave heating. Researchers say the cost, environmental, and perfor...

Stadium Group acquires Stontronics
21.08.2015 - 18:44

Stadium Group Plc has acquired Stontronics in a deal following a sequence of technology acquisitions by the company as it pursues a growth strategy in the electronics arena. "This exciting acquisition supports our Group strategy to build a leading design-led electronic technology solutions group with a portfolio of value-adding complemen...

Summer school succeeds in informing students about careers in electronics
21.08.2015 - 18:40

More than 70 students took part in this year's electronics and computer science summer school organised by Dr Geoff Merrett and Dr Reena Pau of the University of Southampton. The annual summer school aims to attract prospective undergraduate students from across the UK and beyond to experience university living and learning. The week-long...

Williams to work with General Dynamics on SCOUT SV backbone
20.08.2015 - 12:37

Williams Advanced Engineering has been awarded a £17million contract to bring technologies from Formula One to General Dynamics UK's SCOUT Specialist Vehicle (SV). Under the deal, Williams will develop the SCOUT SV's Core Infrastructure Distribution System featuring in the 589 vehicles due to be delivered to the British Army bet...

World's first comprehensive IoT platform for device makers
20.08.2015 - 12:34

Redpine Signals has launched what it claims is the world's first comprehensive IoT platform for device makers. The WyzBee platform includes a hardware platform, development environment and cloud software and services framework. The WyzBee IoT platform is said to reduce the time it takes to develop and bring to market IoT devices by provid...

Atmel chooses Intel technology to provide more IoT security
20.08.2015 - 12:30

Atmel says it is working with Intel to enable more secure IoT applications. As part of this approach, Atmel will support Intel's Enhanced Privacy ID (EPID) technology on its SmartConnect wireless solutions, a move which it says will improve mutual authentication of the IoT node with the cloud. "Implementing Intel EPID offers IoT desi...

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