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Study into wireless power-transfer technology
14.08.2015 - 23:33

Highway England, the UK government's roads agency, has announced that motorists will be able to recharge their cars as they drive, if a scheme currently under consideration comes to fruition. According to a BBC report the agency plans to test wireless power-transfer technology that could be built under the UK's motorway and road netwo...

New line of SSDs from Toshiba
14.08.2015 - 23:26

Toshiba Electronics Europe has unveiled three new families of solid state drives (SSDs) fitted with high-speed PCIe (Peripheral Component Interconnect Express) interfaces that provide high-bandwidth point-to-point links with the processor and reduce system bottlenecks. The drives use the NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) protocol and have be...

Conrad offers innovative programmable logic controllers
14.08.2015 - 23:23

Conrad Business Supplies has introduced a new range of flexible and customisable programmable logic controllers (PLCs) exclusively from CONTROLLINO, a subsidiary of Austrian manufacturer SG-Tronic GmbH. These new products are suited to a variety of automation applications, including temperature management, advanced lighting and media control. ...

First 16-die stacked NAND Flash Memory with TSV Technology
11.08.2015 - 22:42

Toshiba has announced the development of a 16-die (max.) stacked NAND flash memory that uses Through Silicon Via (TSV) technology. The prototype will be shown at the Flash Memory Summit 2015, being held in Santa Clara, USA. Traditional stacked NAND flash memories are connected together with wire bonding in a package, while TSV technology uses...

Cypress expands HyperFlash line
11.08.2015 - 22:39

Cypress Semiconductor has expanded its NOR HyperFlash product line with the qualification of a new 256Mb memory capable of delivering up to 333 MBps of read bandwidth. The 3.0V S26KL256S HyperFlash device is the latest addition to the industry’s first flash memory family that supports the high-bandwidth, low-pin-count HyperBus interface. ...

Flexible dielectric polymers for high temperature energy storage
09.08.2015 - 20:23

Low cost, lightweight and flexible dielectric polymers that can withstand high temperatures may enable energy storage and power conversion in electric vehicles and other applications, according to researchers at Penn State University in the US. "Ceramics are usually the choice for energy storage dielectrics for high temperature applicati...

Industrial Ethernet board supports legacy protocols
09.08.2015 - 20:20

High speed communications specialist Nine Ways Research & Development has launched NetFusion, an industrial Ethernet switch development board based on Microsemi's SmartFusion 2 FPGA. NetFusion is said to be designed specifically for use in industrial networking, site perimeter telemetry and telematics and industrial motor control, as wel...

Qualcomm buys Ikanos for $47m, gets access to gateway technology
07.08.2015 - 23:48

Qualcomm Atheros has acquired Ikanos Communications, a developer of broadband networking semiconductor and software, in a deal that values it at around $47million. According to the company, the deal will broaden Atheros' presence in the carrier fixed line segment through the addition of high performance broadband access and modem technologie...

Radio module targeted at implantable medical devices
07.08.2015 - 23:45

Microsemi has launched the smallest radio module it has yet produced. Called the ZL70323 and measuring 5.5 x 4.5 x 1.5mm, the device is said to be optimised for use in implantable medical devices such as pacemakers, cardiac defibrillators and neurostimulators. Martin McHugh, Microsemi's product line manager for the new module, said: "...

Wearable device measures pulse and respiration
07.08.2015 - 23:18

Cambridge Design Partnership has developed a wearable device that can measure and monitor the vital signs of multiple trauma patients. According to the company, the low cost device – called the First Response Monitor – bridges the gap between manual measurement and more expensive patient monitoring systems The low cost wearable biom...

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