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TSMC plans to use EUV at 5nm, but may use it earlier
20.07.2015 - 20:45

TSMC hasn't given up hope on using EUV lithography at the 10nm node, but it appears to be more likely to be introduced at the 5nm node. Speaking on a conference call, Mark Liu, TSMC's president and co-CEO, pictured, said: "We are planning to exercise EUV at 7nm and are currently planning to use EUV at 5nm. But it depends on certain ...

MCU extends battery life of embedded devices in IoT applications
20.07.2015 - 20:42

Renesas Electronics has developed the RL78/G1D Group of MCUs that combines Bluetooth Low Energy technology with the RL78 MCU. The MCUs are claimed to Extend Battery Life and simplify circuit design. The current consumption of the RL78/G1D is claimed to be the lowest in the industry at 3.5mA during reception and 4.3mA during transmission. Adap...

Digi-Key and ARM University Programme offer 'Lab-in-a-Box' worldwide
16.07.2015 - 22:34

Digi-Key has announced their partnership with the ARM University Programme to distribute 'Lab-in-a-Box' (LiB) to higher educational institutions around the globe. The LiB contains ARM-based technology and high quality, rigorous training materials that support electronics and computer engineering courses. Since its launch in February 2...

Open HPAC Lab launched for software development
16.07.2015 - 22:31

IDT has launched an Open High-Performance Analytics and Computing (HPAC) Lab to address the needs of enterprise and cloud computing end users. The lab supports heterogeneous processing technologies from CPU and accelerator vendors who are connecting their hardware with IDT's portfolio of RapidIO and PCIe interconnect semiconductors, advanced...

Nanowires can be 'building blocks' for range of electronic devices, says research team
16.07.2015 - 22:27

An international collaboration led by the University of Cambridge and IBM has developed a method that allows combinations of different materials to be grown in a nanowire, providing what the team calls 'a useful building block' for electrical, optical and energy harvesting devices. "The key to building functional nanoscale device...

Nano patterning programme aims to spread applications beyond semiconductors
16.07.2015 - 22:22

Looking to demonstrate the benefits of nano-patterning technology and spread its use beyond semiconductors, CEA-Leti and EV Group have launched the INSPIRE programme. "Leti and EVG have a long history of collaborating on ways to bring new technologies to market at reasonable costs for the benefits of our customers," said Laurent Pai...

Research may open the doors to terahertz graphene transistors
16.07.2015 - 22:11

Scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research (MPI-P) in Mainz have discovered that electrical conduction in graphene is governed by the same basic laws that describe the thermal properties of gases. The team says this much simpler thermodynamic approach to the electrical conduction will allow scientists to better understand how gr...

TNMOC receives £50,000 donation from Ensoft
16.07.2015 - 22:08

Ensoft has donated £50,000 to The National Museum of Computing (TNMOC), which will be used to assist in the Museum's development. Tim Reynolds, chairman of TNMOC, said: "Recognition of TNMOC's achievements by a company as dynamic as Ensoft is a great boost to our work and underlines the educational value of computing histor...

Simplifying IoT connectivity with Thread solution
15.07.2015 - 15:44

Silicon Labs has introduced its Thread networking solution, offering developers the fastest path to developing Thread-compliant products for the IoT including thermostats, wireless sensor networks, smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, connected lighting devices, control panels, wireless access points and gateways. Thread technology is said to fil...

Replacing wing and interior mirrors with a camera monitor system
15.07.2015 - 15:41

Continental has used a prototype vehicle to demonstrate how a camera monitor system can replace a car's exterior and interior mirrors. Instead of the rear-view mirror, the driver has two monitors with organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) oriented in the usual viewing directions and displaying what is happening at the rear and sides of the v...

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