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Infineon expects to grow revenue by 8% in 2015

Infineon's fourth quarter 2014 revenues grew to €1.175billion, a 6% increase over the previous quarter. Revenue growth was said to be particularly strong in the Industrial Power Control (IPC), Power Management & Multimarket (PMM) and Chip Card & Security (CCS) segments. 

"We have made good use of the opportunities open to us in a dynamically growing market, said chief executive Dr Reinhard Ploss, pictured. "We were well prepared to handle steeply rising demand from our customers and therefore always able to deliver reliably. Revenue, earnings and margin all saw solid increases, in line with our expectations. 

"Despite a challenging market environment, we plan to continue growing in the current 2015 fiscal year –in addition to growth resulting from the planned acquisition of International Rectifier." 

In fact, Infineon expects to grow its revenues by about 8% in 2015, with strong performance expected from its automotive, PMM and CCS segments. However, the IPC segment is not expected to perform as strongly. 

The company is planning to invest €700million, of which around €90m will be spent on equipment for operating facilities. It will also spend up to €70m to equip a fab in Malaysia, while €20m will be allocated to the purchase of Qimonda patents, following the recent settlement with the administrator.

Graham Pitcher

Source:  www.newelectronics.co.uk

Date: 27.11.2014
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