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Laser on chip has bandwidth of 290Hz

Working in collaboration with Lionix, researchers from the University of Twente have developed a diode laser on a chip with a bandwidth of 290Hz. According to the team, this is the most accurate such device yet created.

Professor Klaus Boller noted: “Our signal is more than ten times more coherent – or clean – than any other laser on a chip.”

The newly-developed laser – a hybrid device wth two photonic chips connected optically – is also tunable, which means that users can select the particular wavelength, within a broad range.

The reseachers believe their development will bring ‘countless applications’ within reach, including the control of movable antennae on phone masts for 5G mobile internet, faster data flows through fibre networks, more accurate GPS systems and better sensors for monitoring structural integrity.

Graham Pitcher

Source:  www.newelectronics.co.uk

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