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QM power series comes with BF ready isolation

TDK-Lambda has added 700 to 1200W models to the QM series of modular AC/DC power supplies, featuring low acoustic noise and body floating (BF) ready isolation.

“The series is narrower by two module slots and offers lower maximum power than the first series released last September,” said Geoff Wilby, general manager at TDK-Lambda UK.

With both medical and industrial safety certifications, the series is suitable for a range of applications, including BF rated medical equipment, test and measurement, broadcast, communications and renewable energy applications.

“Like the last series, QM5 has been subjected to an audible noise test to gauge, not just the frequency, but exactly what the ear hears. A noise can be 45db, but if it’s high frequency, it will have a very annoying high pitch or whine,” marketing manager, Martin Southam, explained.

Packaged in a 127 x 63.3 x 270mm enclosure, the QM models can deliver 1200W at 180 to 264V AC and 700W with an input range of 90 to 264V AC. Up to 12 outputs can be configured using single and dual output modules with voltages from 2.8V to 61.6V.

An optional standby/signal module can be selected with a choice of one or two standby voltages (5V, up to 2A and 12V at 1A), unit inhibit or unit enable, an AC Good signal and a PMBus interface.

“You cannot control the board as you come through the PMBus, so it’s more of an information than a control,” Southam added.

The units operate in temperatures ranging from -20 to 70°C, derating the output power and output current by 2.5% per °C above 50°C. The QM operating efficiency is up to 91% and as internal power loss is reduced, a low speed low audible noise fan can be used.

The units are certified to IEC/EN/UL/CSA 60601-1, ANSI/AAMI ES 60601-1, IEC/EN/UL/CSA 60950-1, is designed to meet IEC/EN 61010-1 and has the CE marking for the Low Voltage and RoHS2 Directives.

The QM series has a maximum earth leakage current of 300µA, while still complying with the EN61000-6-3:2007 and EN60601-1-2:2015 (curve B conducted and radiated) emission standards.The units also meet the EN60601-1-2 and EN61000-6-2 immunity standards.

Peggy Lee

Source:  www.newelectronics.co.uk

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