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MCU extends battery life of embedded devices in IoT applications

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5 years ago

MCU extends battery life of embedded devices in IoT applications

Renesas Electronics has developed the RL78/G1D Group of MCUs that combines Bluetooth Low Energy technology with the RL78 MCU. The MCUs are claimed to Extend Battery Life and simplify circuit design.

The current consumption of the RL78/G1D is claimed to be the lowest in the industry at 3.5mA during reception and 4.3mA during transmission. Adaptable RF technology adjusts the power consumption during wireless operation to the optimal level to match the communication distance.

The MCUs are also claimed to simplify Antenna Circuit Design by integrating on-chip balun elements that otherwise would have to be provided in an external antenna connection circuit. They are also claimed to extend the battery life of embedded IoT devices.

An evaluation kit and Bluetooth-SIG qualified protocol stack, allows system designers to conduct evaluation of wireless characteristics and initial evaluation of communication behaviors. The MCUs are provided with PC GUI tool for manipulation of these components.

Tom Austin-Morgan


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