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MegaChips joins imec for ULP radio project

Belgian nanoelectronics research centre imec has partnered with US fabless company MegaChips to develop ultra low power (ULP) short radio technology for smart homes and buildings.

Specifically, the two organisations are working to create a multi standard, sub GHz radio solution compatible with ZigBee 900MHz and IEEE802.15.4g, built on CMOS technology. 

The aim is to achieve a transmit power two times lower than current state of the art (60mW) and a receive power five to 10 times lower (6mW). 

"We are pleased that MegaChips has joined our R&D programme to strengthen our research ecosystem," said Harmke de Groot, program director of ULP circuits and devices at imec/Holst Centre. "Combining our partners' know how with our expertise in radio design and technology enables new innovative products for the IoT while significantly shortening the time to market for our industrial partners."

Laura Hopperton

Source:  www.newelectronics.co.uk

Date: 18.11.2014
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