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Mentor updates RTOS for wearable market

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5 years ago

Mentor updates RTOS for wearable market

Although its Nucleus real time operating system is installed in more than 3billion devices, Mentor Graphics has expanded it to address the power consumption, multicore and IoT requirements of wearable devices.

The Mentor Embedded Nucleus RTOS framework is said to include a range of features targeting next generation wearable IoT devices for the medical, fitness, and security markets.

"The Nucleus RTOS provides feature rich capabilities targeted for wearable devices which allow embedded developers to focus on generating product differentiating features," said Scot Morrison, general manager of runtime solutions with Mentor's Embedded Systems Division.

With an IPv4/v6 networking stack, M2M protocols and security for IoT applications and cloud connectivity, Nucleus RTOS also incorporates a standards compliant networking and communication protocols designed for wearable devices, with support for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy and 6LoWPAN over IEEE 802.15.4 on an array of supported chipsets.

For devices with limited memory resources, the Nucleus process model is said to use memory efficiently by loading and unloading software to limit the resident executing code to only the modules necessary at any given moment in time.

Also included is the Qt Framework, which supports the creation of differentiating graphics optimised for the memory footprint requirements for wearable devices.

Graham Pitcher


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