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Compact, portable measuring instrument launched

Yokogawa has unveiled a fully portable measuring instrument for capturing, displaying, recording and analysing a variety of electrical and physical parameters in a broad range of industry sectors.

Part of the ScopeCorder family, the DL350 combines the features of a general-purpose oscilloscope with those of a high-performance data acquisition recorder.

Clive Davis, European marketing manager, said: “The device adds high levels of precision and accuracy to field measurements, with isolated inputs for measurements at high voltage levels and long-memory capabilities that allow recording for hours, or even days.”

The DL350 offers plug-in modularity and is compatible with existing ScopeCorder modules, which allows it to be configured to suit a variety of applications. It features two slots which can be populated with any of 18 types of input module.

A choice of operating modes is available. Recorder mode suits long-term, continuous recording for a specific duration and sampling interval. Scope mode allows the device to be used like an oscilloscope, with all the associated benefits, including triggering and flexible memory use.

Up to 5Gpoint of data per module can be recorded on an SD card and continuous recording is available for up to 50 days. For high speed signals, up to 100Mpt per module of internal memory is available to capture fast transients.

A high speed sampling module provides individually isolated 12bit 100Msample/s inputs, which can measure and record transient waveforms (superimposed on inverter outputs, for example) and the edges of control signals, which cannot be measured by traditional handheld recorders or oscilloscopes.

Neil Tyler

Source:  www.newelectronics.co.uk

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