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Qualcomm to develop ARM based server chips

Qualcomm has announced plans to develop ARM based chips targeted at the burgeoning market for data centres. Company CEO Steve Mollenkopf, pictured, said at its latest investor meeting the server market is 'an interesting opportunity' and will be worth more than $15billion a year by 2020. "We will have a server product," he said. "Qualcomm's road map at the high end is merging with what is feasible to put into a data centre." 

Mollenkopf believes that, because of its expertise in the mobile market, Qualcomm is in a 'unique position' to address the server sector as one of the few companies to use ARM technology on leading edge processes. 

"Growth in the data centre is being driven by companies who design their own data centres and who want alternatives; new architectures," he contended. "We are engaged with customers, but it will take a while to build this business. It's an interesting opportunity."

Graham Pitcher

Source:  www.newelectronics.co.uk

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