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Smartwatch made entirely from e-paper

Using a company called Fashion Entertainments as a cover, Sony has developed a smartwatch created entirely from e-paper – the display technology used in some e-readers. 

With 24 selectable patterns, the watch is said to change its appearance as the user moves their wrist, from being blank to showing what seems to be a conventional dial and hands. 

Called the FES Watch, the design is currently being crowdfunded on the Japanese site Makuake.com; apparently to gauge consumer interest. Fashion Entertainments was looking for ¥2million, but the project has already received ¥2.8m. Those backing the project are being told their FES Watch will be delivered in May 2015. 

Fashion Entertainment is said to also be working on a range of e-ink based devices, including bow ties.

Graham Pitcher

Source:  www.newelectronics.co.uk

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