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Toshiba shrinks NAND flash memory modules

Toshiba has used its 15nm process technology to fabricate what it claims to be the world's smallest embedded NAND flash memory modules.

The 16GB memory devices are compliant with the latest e·MMC standard and are designed for applications such as smartphones, tablet PCs and wearable devices. 

Sample shipments are available now, with 8, 32, 64 and 128GB products due to follow shortly. 

Toshiba says the chips can reduce package size by around 26%. They are also designed to improve read and write speeds by 8% and 20% respectively. 

The chips integrate a controller that manages basic control functions for NAND applications. 

Additional features include BKOPS control, Cache Barrier, Cache Flushing Report, and Large RPMB Write.

Laura Hopperton

Source: www.newelectronics.co.uk

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