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32bit delta-sigma A/D converters set to boost PLC performance

Texas Instruments has introduced two 32bit delta-sigma A/D converters that are said to combine high resolution, low noise and integrated fault detection. This combination, the company notes, eliminates many of the performance and features trade-offs typically associated with device evaluation and selection. 

The ADS1262 and ADS1263, which feature a fast data rate and wide temperature range, have been developed in order to help to maximise the performance of programmable logic controllers (PLCs), industrial automation equipment and sensor measurement applications.

Noting the parts had been developed in association with a 'major PLC manufacturer', Bryan Lizon, from TI's precision data converter product marketing group, said: "High end applications, like test and measurement, are moving beyond 24bit, so there is the need more bits to give better accuracy. Meanwhile, there is also the need for greater system reliability. Industry 4.0 needs more reliability and not just the system – it means every part in the system."

Both parts enable accurate measurement of small signals, with a noise level of 7nVrms at 2.5sample/s suiting bridge applications where full-scale signals are typically less than 10mV. Offset error drift is also claimed to be 80% less than competitive solutions.

The ADS1262's features include a PGA, a 2.5V reference, a level shifter and dual excitation current sources. The ADS1263 adds an auxiliary 24bit delta-sigma A/D converter for use in those systems needing parallel main channel conversions, sensor-temperature compensation or sensor diagnostics.

With a maximum output data rate of 38ksample/s, the parts are specified for use in temperatures ranging from -40 to 125°C. A range of design tools is available to support the parts.

Graham Pitcher