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Traveo automotive MCU portfolio expanded

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4 years ago

Traveo automotive MCU portfolio expanded

Cypress has expanded its automotive portfolio with the introduction of Traveo MCUs manufactured on a 40nm process. The move is said by the company to enable higher performance and more cost-efficient implementations of instrument clusters. The use of 40nm technology will also enable more on chip flash for advanced applications, as well as making it easier to implement firmware over the air (FOTA) updates.

The S6J33XX series is said to provide automotive manufacturers with a cost-effective platform for use in classic instrument clusters featuring small TFT displays. Based on the ARM Cortex-R5 processor running at 240MHz, the MCUs support CAN-FD communications for increased data bandwidth. Up to 4Mbyte of flash is available for application storage, while other features includethe enhanced secure hardware extension (eSHE) and the HyperBus interface.

Mathias Brauer, director of product marketing for automotive MCUs, noted: “The MCUs can connect to a range of networks, including MOST and Ethernet. There are also six CAN-FD channels. Security is important, so all devices have eSHE on chip, as well as ISO26262 safety features.”

Cypress has also introduced a transceiver for the low-speed Clock Extension Peripheral Interface (CXPI), which is expected to succeed the Local Interconnect Network (LIN) protocol.

Graham Pitcher


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