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Super fast wireless charging and data transmission simultaneously

Integrated Device Technology (IDT) has announced its collaboration with Blu Wireless Technology to demonstrate wireless charging integrated with 60GHz WiGig data transmission.

"Between Blu Wireless' expertise in WiGig and IDT's in wireless power, we are developing a solution that keeps pace with demands in an age of massive multimedia content," said Mark Barrett, chief marketing officer at Blu Wireless. "The combination of low-profile 60GHz phased array technology and wireless charging capabilities supports the increased data and ease of use demands of mobile users."

WiGig uses the 60GHz band to deliver 7GHz bandwidth and has the potential to enable consumers to wirelessly charge their phones and tablets while transmitting high quality, uncompressed 4K HD video and photos to their televisions and computers.

The synchronisation of such data on today's portable devices would take two hours and use up nearly a third of a battery's charge. However, the partners say this can be completed, using WiGig, in just 45s while consuming only 2% of the charge.

Tom Austin-Morgan

Source:  www.newelectronics.co.uk

Date: 13.05.2015
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