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Spansion launches MCUs to address emerging HMI applications

Looking to address emerging human machine interface applications, Spansion has added two ARM Cortex-M4 based MCUs to its product line. The FM4 S6E2DH features an integrated graphics display controller, while the S6E2CCxxF/MB9BF568F series comes with self contained voice command control.

"These new product families deliver tremendous value and flexibility, enabling customers to design intuitive next generation human machine interface (HMI) systems," said Dhiraj Handa, general manager of Spansion's multimarket microcontroller business.

The S6E2DH series combines a Cortex-M4 core based MCU, a 2D rendering graphics display controller (GDC), dedicated video RAM and a mix of communication and digital peripherals. Also included are high speed interfaces for connecting to NAND and NOR flash and SDRAM.

The graphics subsystem features Spansion's HyperBus interface, allowing fast image retrieval without blocking code execution. The GDC comes with a low-level library for drawing and fast rendering of 2D shapes, in addition to several image processing features such as zoom, scale, rotate, mirror and move.

Running at 160MHz, the MCU comes with 384kbyte of flash, 36kbyte of SRAM and a 24 channel 2Msample/s 12bit A/D converter. The GDC supports WVGA displays at 8bit resolution using internal VRAM. Optionally, the device displays SVGA screens at 24bit resolution using external SDRAM.

Meanwhile, the S6E2CCxxF/MB9BF568F series enables voice command control. Featuring a Cortex-M4 running at up to 200MHz, the device's firmware can be updated over the air via Wi-Fi.

With up to 2Mbyte of dual bank flash, the part offers speaker independent voice control, with support for more than 100 commands.

Graham Pitcher