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TVs Philips

Name:TVs Philips
Model:21PT5306/01, 21PT5506/01/05/58, 24PW6006/01/05, 25PT4457/01/05/58, 25PT5107/01/05/58, 25PT5506/01/58, 28PT4406/01/58, 28PT4457/01/05/58, 28PT5107/01/05/58, 28PW5407/01, 28PW6006/01/05/58, 29PT5306/01/58, 29PT5506/01/58, 32PW5407/01, 32PW6006/01 /05/21 /25/48/58, 63TA5216/03/11 /18, 70WA6216/03/11 /18, 82PW6216/18
Description of schematic diagram, service manual:On the basis of chassis L01.1E AV of firm PHILIPS some rulers of TVs with stereophonic reproduction of a sound, including the combined models with a radio receiver and player DVD are issued.

In archive following schemes are resulted:

The electric scheme of the basic payment and kinescope. Oscillograms in control points of the scheme.

 The block diagram chassis L01.1E AV.

The power supply, tuner, unit of synchronization, lower case development, UMZCH, a vertical sweep, path PCH, stereodecoder NICAM + 2CS, the videoamplifier (a payment of a kinescope), the modulator of speed of development, a payment of the forward panel, connectors, microcontrollers, the switch of signals of audio/video, connectors SCART, connectors of the back panel.
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Adding date:24.12.2007
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