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Best parts of Class AB Amplifier from UTSource

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3 years ago

Best parts of Class AB Amplifier from UTSource (part 2)


The TDA2822 is a Dual Audio Amplifier IC, which means it has two Op-Amps inside its bundle, and they are normally utilized for sound intensification as a result of their wide data transfer capacity gain. The two yields can convey 250 milliwatts yield power. This IC can be utilized in compact sound frameworks, pre enhancers, listening device smaller than expected radio, earphone speaker, and so on. 


  • Wide Operating Supply Voltage: VCC=1.8V - 12V 
  • Low Crossover Distortion
  • Low Quiescent Circuit Current
  • Bridge/Stereo Configuration


The circuit of this amplifier is as follows:

The circuit of the Dual Audio Amplifier IC

Pic. 11. The circuit of the Dual Audio Amplifier IC


Uses of TDA2822 Amplifier

  • AM and FM Radio enhancers 
  • Versatile music players 
  • Low Power Audio enhancers 
  • Wien connect oscillator 
  • Force Amplifiers 
  • Sound supporters


Pic. 12. TDA2822


The price of UTSource TDA2822 (UTSource TDA2822) is US $0.18.




The UTC TEA2025 is a monolithic integrated audio amplifier in a 16-pin plastic dual in line package. It is designed for portable cassette players and radios.



  • Working Voltage down to 3V 
  • Few External segments 
  • High Channel segregation 
  • Voltage gain up to 45dB(Adjustable with outer resistor) 
  • Soft cutting 
  • Internal Thermal assurance


The block diagram is as:

The block diagram

Pic. 13. The block diagram



Pic. 14. TEA2025


The price of UTSource TEA2025 (UTSource TEA2025) is US $0.15.



The TDA7297 is a double scaffold speaker extraordinarily intended for TV and Portable Radio applications. 

The block diagram

Pic. 15. The block diagram


  • Double channel Class AB Amplifier 
  • 15W + 15W Stereo Output 
  • Working Voltage: 6V to 18V 
  • Pinnacle Output Current: 2A 
  • In-manufactured quiet and reserve work 
  • Most extreme Quiescent current: 65mA 
  • Shut Loop Voltage increase: 33dB


The TDA7297 is a Class AB double channel sound enhancer. It is accessible in minimal 15-pin bundle and can work with 6V to18V making it reasonable for shopper gadgets like TV, Radio, Home theater and so on. Sound speaker circuits can likewise be made utilizing straightforward operation amps, however on the off chance that you need higher volume that is boisterous enough for a room, at that point this force sound intensifier is will be the best decision. This IC can convey up to 30W (15+15) of yield power, so you can run two 4ω speakers at 15W each for sound system sound quality. 

Another preferred position of TDA7297 is it requires least outer parts to make it run. 


Pic. 16. TDA7297


The price of UTSource TDA7297 (UTSource TDA7297) is US $1.57



The TDA7377 is another innovation class AB vehicle radio enhancer ready to work either in DUAL Extension or QUAD SINGLE ENDED arrangement. 

The restrictive completely integral structure of the yield stage and the inside fixed addition ensures the most elevated conceivable force exhibitions with incredibly decreased part tally. The on-board cut finder disentangles gain pressure activity. The issue diagnostics makes it conceivable to identify botches during vehicle radio set get together what's more, wiring in the vehicle.

The block diagram of this circuit is given below:

The block diagram

Pic. 17. The block diagram


The accessibility of 4 free channels makes it conceivable to achieve a few sorts of utilizations going from 4 speakers sound system (F/R) to 2 speakers connect arrangements. If there should arise an occurrence of working in single finished conditions the extremity of the speakers driven by the reversing speaker must be turned around regard to those determined by non-modifying channels. This is to stay away from stage burdens causing sound modifications particularly during the generation of low frequencies.


Pic. 18. TDA7377


The price of UTSource TDA7377 (UTSource TDA7377) is US $1.12



The STA540 is a 4-channel, class-AB sound intensifier intended for top notch sound applications. The intensifiers have single-finished yields with coordinated short out assurance, warm assurance and indicative capacities.

The block diagram of circuit is as follows:

The block diagram

Pic. 19. The block diagram


Run of the mill Application for STA540 Stereo in addition to connect drive, 4 x 13 W double/quad power enhancer. The STA540 is a 4-channel, class-AB sound speaker intended for great sound applications.


Pic. 20. STA540


The price ofUTSource STA540 (UTSource STA540) is US $1.30.



The TDA7850 is an advancement MOSFET innovation class AB sound force intensifier in Flexiwatt 25 bundle intended for high force vehicle radio. The completely correlative P-Channel/NChannel yield structure permits a rail to rail yield voltage swing which, joined with high yield present and limited immersion misfortunes sets new force references in the vehicle radio field, with unmatched twisting exhibitions. The TDA7850 incorporates a DC balance indicator


  • High yield power ability:
  • MOSFET yield power stage
  • Astounding 2 driving capacity
  • Hello Fi class mutilation
  • Low yield commotion
  • ST-BY work
  • Quiet capacity
  • Automute at min. flexibly voltage recognition
  • Low outer part check
  • On board 0.35 A high side driver

The circuit diagram is as follows:

The circuit diagram

Pic. 21. The circuit diagram



Pic. 22. TDA7850


The price ofUTSource TDA7850 (UTSource TDA7850) this is US $3.08.



In this article, the class AB amplifier is discussed. This amplifier is a combination of two amplifiers class A and class B. class B amplifier has a problem of distortion and class A amplifier has low efficiency problem.  Depending on the pre biasing and the output current, each transistor conducts between 180 and 360. The circuit diagram of class AB amplifier is observed, and input and output signals are observed. Then different parts of IC of class AB amplifiers are studied with their description, features, circuit diagram and part price from

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