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Connector simplifies assembly, boosts data rates

An SMT board-to-board connector developed by Hirose features a three piece floating contact system to simplify assembly and support data rates of up to 15Gbit/s.

Designed for high-speed transmission applications that require multiple stacking connectors on the same PCB, the 0.5mm pitch FX10-3 series connector has a floating contact mechanism that is said to compensate for alignment errors up to ±0.3mm in the X and Y axes. This, says the company, allows for multiple connectors to be used in a mezzanine design reducing the stress on solder joints caused by misaligned connectors.

The three piece connector features a new design in which ground pins connect with ground bars. This design is said to lower crosstalk, thus improving the insertion-loss to crosstalk ratio and increasing transmission speed capability.

According to Bill Kysiak, product marketing manager for Hirose Electric USA: “The three piece design offers excellent signal integrity characteristics to deliver 15Gbit/s transmission required in high-speed applications.”

Available in 120, 144 and 168 positions, the FX10-3 series has a stacking height ranging from 8 to 13mm, with 1mm increments. Three types of interposers are offered; two have grounding options, with differential impedance values of 100Ω and 85Ω; while the other interposer does not provide grounding for all types of signals.

Designed to operate in temperatures ranging from -55 to 85°C, the connectors are rated at 50V AC and have a rated contact resistance of 130mΩ, and a minimum insulation resistance of 100MΩ at 100V DC.

Potential applications include base station transceivers, medical equipment, office imaging equipment, industrial machinery and servers.

Graham Pitcher