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RISE energy-efficient display technology licensed by Ynvisible

The display manufacturer Ynvisible has signed an exclusive licensing agreement with RISE for sole rights to the research institute's energy-efficient electrochromic display technology. Twenty years of research lay behind RISE electrochromic display patents that are now being licensed. For the research institute RISE, it is important to ensure that innovations can be commercialized and thus strengthen the business community in Sweden.

RISE’s electrochromic display technology underpins Ynvisible’s energy-efficient e-paper display. Ynvisible has had a non-exclusive licensing agreement to RISE electrochromic display technology since 2020, which has led the international display manufacturer to invest in commercial production of printed electronics in Sweden. The research and development collaboration between the companies is now being expanded and intensified, as Ynvisible licenses a part of RISE extensive IP portfolio in electrochromics.

Elektrokrom display

Elektrokrom display


“Printed and organic electronics have evolved tremendously over the last few years,” says Duncan Platt, Unit Manager at RISE. “Electrochromism is a key technology for developing green electronics and we believe Ynvisible is well positioned to commercialize the technology.”

Duncan Platt, enhetschef på RISE

Duncan Platt, enhetschef på RISE


With solar cells, the energy-efficient display can be powered entirely without a battery, it has lower electricity consumption and creates less electronic waste than conventional display technology. At the heart of the technology is an ink that changes color at altered voltages. It creates a color shift that allows different zones or segments on the display to be turned on and off. The displays are thin and flexible, and at the same time, their robust design enables them to be used in several different areas. For example, they can be configured as smart labels in logistics and pharmaceutical packaging or for retail and outdoor signage.

Twenty years of research lay behind RISE's patented electrochromic display technology. The chemical and materials research behind the display technology is derived from Linköping University and RISE. Printed Electronics Arena is operated by RISE and run in close cooperation with Linköping University. The testbed is funded by Vinnova, Region Östergötland, Norrköping Municipality, and the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation.

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