25.03.2017 - 23:56 // Electronics News
Arrow Electronics unveils FPGA IoT Maker Board
Arrow Electronics unveils FPGA IoT Maker Board

Global distributor Arrow Electronics is making available a FPGA IoT Maker Board. Designed for end-to-end application development and optimised for cost, the MAX1000 board can be installed directly into a custom application or integrated on to a separate board Intended for use by start-ups, universities or established equipment manufacturers who looking for a flexible, low cost FPGA platform for development, customised variants of the board are also available, according to Arrow. The MAX...

25.03.2017 - 23:51 // Electronics News
Improved bandwidth for disordered antennas
Improved bandwidth for disordered antennas

A research group from Korea’s Institute of Basic Science has devised a disordered arrangement for antennas, which is said to minimise redundancy and to enable each antenna to function independently. As a result, the device is said to provide 40 times wider bandwidth than periodically arranged antennas. "We are proposing a new way to connect nanoscale microprocessors to high-speed optical communications," commented Dr Wonjun Choi. Due to technical limitations, the process...

19.03.2017 - 23:19 // Electronics News
Flexible sensor holds potential for foldable touch screens
Flexible sensor holds potential for foldable touch screens

A sensor developed at the University of British Columbia (UBC) could help make advanced transparent and stretchable devices a reality. The sensor uses a highly conductive gel sandwiched between layers of silicone. This allows different types of touch to be detected, including swiping and tapping, even when it is stretched, folded or bent. "There are sensors that can detect pressure or a hovering finger. There are also sensors that are foldable, transparent and stretchable. Our ...

19.03.2017 - 23:15 // Electronics News
Batteries could power and cool chips, say Zurich researchers
Batteries could power and cool chips, say Zurich researchers

Chip stacks could be supplied with electrical power by integrated flow batteries and cooled at the same time, according to research undertaken by ETH Zurich and IBM Research Zurich. In flow batteries, electricity is produced by an electrochemical reaction between two liquid electrolytes which are pumped into the battery cell through a closed loop. By using liquids that are suitable for use as flow-battery electrolytes and for cooling, heat can be dissipated using the same circuit. &ldqu...

19.03.2017 - 22:52 // Electronics News
Bosch, NVIDIA look to AI for autonomous vehicles
Bosch, NVIDIA look to AI for autonomous vehicles

Bosch and NVIDIA are collaborating to develop artificial intelligence self-driving systems targeted at mass market cars. The system, which will be built on NVIDIA’s deep learning software and hardware, is intended to enable vehicles to be trained on the complexities of driving, operated autonomously and updated over the air with new features and capabilities. Bosch’s CEO Dr Volkmar Denner said: “Automated driving makes roads safer and artificial intelligence is the key to...

13.03.2017 - 01:43 // Measurements technics
Tester for 555 Timer and 741 Op-amp ICs

Sometimes you do not get proper output from a circuit due to faulty ICs. This circuit can test timer 555 and op-amp 741 ICs, which are commonly used in projects, to save you from this problem. Circuit and working Fig. 1 shows circuit diagram...

11.03.2017 - 00:58 // Measurements technics
Real-Time Clock with Temperature Logger

Presented here is a simple realtime clock with temperature logger. The project shows time, date and real-time temperature on the LCD. The logger records the maximum and minimum temperature for each day and can keep entries for 51 days. The recorde...

19.06.2016 - 01:34 // Measurements technics
Active RF Detector Probe for DMMS

This low-cost detector probe allows you to measure RF signals from below 100kHz up to over 1GHz with your DMM for signal voltages between about 20mV and 10 V RMS. You can use it with a probe or a sniffer loop and you can even use it to measure the...

14.04.2016 - 00:39 // Measurements technics
Extremely accurate GPS 1pps timebase for A frequency counter

Get maximum accuracy from your 12-Digit Frequency Counter using this GPS lpps Timebase. It connects to the external timebase input of the counter and will let you achieve measurement accuracy close to that of an atomic clock. You can either build ...

10.04.2016 - 01:54 // Measurements technics
Synchronous and asynchronous counters

LAST month, we looked at some issues which arose from the simulation of a binary counter. A question was posted by perro on the EPE Chat Zone asking if the unwanted behaviour of the circuit was due to a problem with the Circuit Wizard simulation h...

20.11.2015 - 08:15 // Measurements technics
Automated and Portable Test Solutions for RF Devices

With recent developments in technologies like MIMO, femtocell and LTE, the RF device testing is reaching new dimensions. Read on to find out what’s new in this field. Millions of devices these days operate and communicate in radio frequen...

07.04.2015 - 01:02 // Measurements technics
Portability and Low-Powei-Drive Power Analysis

Power is not limited to the simple equation of voltage multiplied by current. From calculating the efficiency of a home appliance to determining the range of a cell tower, power measurement has a major role to play in today’s systems. this a...

12.02.2015 - 22:26 // Measurements technics
Budget-Friendly Oscilloscopes

Digital oscilloscopes, being expensive, have always been out of reach for many. But this doesn’t make them less desirable. Fortunately, test and measurement companies have sensed this situation and started developing low-priced oscilloscopes...

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