24.04.2017 - 23:26 // Electronics News
Cool solution to lithium battery safety problems
Cool solution to lithium battery safety problems

Ice templating could lead to lithium batteries that are safer, have longer battery life and are bendable, according to research undertaken at Columbia University’s Engineering department. Looking to overcome issues associated with the liquid electrolyte used in commercial lithium batteries, assistant professor Yuan Yang’s team explored using a solid electrolyte. In particular, the team was interested in using ice-templating to create vertically aligned structures of ceramic sol...

24.04.2017 - 23:14 // Electronics News
Molecular libraries for organic light-emitting diodes
Molecular libraries for organic light-emitting diodes

Using a screening process developed by chemists at Goethe University Frankfurt, it is now possible to identify more quickly structures for organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) with superior luminescence and charge-transport properties. According to the researchers, organic materials are the most effective way to master the rising demand for display technology. In particular, molecules from the class of materials known as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) can be used to produce large...

24.04.2017 - 23:10 // Electronics News
Nanotube structure strengthens flexible electronics
Nanotube structure strengthens flexible electronics

Thin carbon nanotube (CNT) textiles, synthesised by researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, exhibit both high electrical conductivity and a level of toughness that is about 50 times higher than copper films currently used in electronics. “The structural robustness of thin metal films has significant importance for the reliable operation of smart skin and flexible electronics including biological and structural health monitoring sensors,” explained assista...

24.04.2017 - 23:01 // Electronics News
Making batteries from waste glass bottles
Making batteries from waste glass bottles

Nanosilicon anodes for high performance lithium-ion batteries have been created by researchers at the University of California, Riverside's Bourns College of Engineering, using waste glass bottles and a low cost chemical process. According to the researchers, the batteries could extend the range of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, and provide more power with fewer charges to personal electronics like cell phones and laptops. "We started with a waste p...

09.04.2017 - 23:52 // Electronics News
Using air to make transparent pressure sensors
Using air to make transparent pressure sensors

A method to make transistor-type active-matrix pressure sensors using foldable substrates and air-dielectric layers has been developed by researchers from the Korean Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology. The 3D sensor is said to detect wide pressure ranges, from human body weight to a finger touch, and to generate an electrical signal based on the sensed touch actions, while consuming far less electricity than conventional pressure sensors. According to the researchers, mo...

09.04.2017 - 21:18 // Measurements technics
Matchbox Capacitor Tester

Checking of an electrolytic capacitor without an LCR meter is not free from hassles. Here is a simple solution for checking the serviceability of a capacitor. Circuit and working Fig. 1 shows the circuit diagram of a simple capacitor tester ...

12.03.2017 - 23:43 // Measurements technics
Tester for 555 Timer and 741 Op-amp ICs

Sometimes you do not get proper output from a circuit due to faulty ICs. This circuit can test timer 555 and op-amp 741 ICs, which are commonly used in projects, to save you from this problem. Circuit and working Fig. 1 shows circuit diagram...

10.03.2017 - 22:58 // Measurements technics
Real-Time Clock with Temperature Logger

Presented here is a simple realtime clock with temperature logger. The project shows time, date and real-time temperature on the LCD. The logger records the maximum and minimum temperature for each day and can keep entries for 51 days. The recorde...

18.06.2016 - 23:34 // Measurements technics
Active RF Detector Probe for DMMS

This low-cost detector probe allows you to measure RF signals from below 100kHz up to over 1GHz with your DMM for signal voltages between about 20mV and 10 V RMS. You can use it with a probe or a sniffer loop and you can even use it to measure the...

13.04.2016 - 22:39 // Measurements technics
Extremely accurate GPS 1pps timebase for A frequency counter

Get maximum accuracy from your 12-Digit Frequency Counter using this GPS lpps Timebase. It connects to the external timebase input of the counter and will let you achieve measurement accuracy close to that of an atomic clock. You can either build ...

09.04.2016 - 23:54 // Measurements technics
Synchronous and asynchronous counters

LAST month, we looked at some issues which arose from the simulation of a binary counter. A question was posted by perro on the EPE Chat Zone asking if the unwanted behaviour of the circuit was due to a problem with the Circuit Wizard simulation h...

20.11.2015 - 06:15 // Measurements technics
Automated and Portable Test Solutions for RF Devices

With recent developments in technologies like MIMO, femtocell and LTE, the RF device testing is reaching new dimensions. Read on to find out what’s new in this field. Millions of devices these days operate and communicate in radio frequen...

06.04.2015 - 23:02 // Measurements technics
Portability and Low-Powei-Drive Power Analysis

Power is not limited to the simple equation of voltage multiplied by current. From calculating the efficiency of a home appliance to determining the range of a cell tower, power measurement has a major role to play in today’s systems. this a...

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