Measurements technics

Measurements technics - oscilloscopes, voltmeters, multimeters, generators - review, tests

  • Ethernet on the Android I/O Board. Using a USR-TCP232-T
    04.07.2018 - 03:18
    A number of different communication modules for use with the Android I/O board have been introduced in various articles for the board. These modules have used WiFi, Bluetooth or USB. However, there is one module for the Android I/O board that's missing, which uses one of the most popular communications standards: Ethernet. This article descr...
  • Build a Chipamp!
    06.11.2017 - 23:49
    The building and tweaking of audio equipment is something that occupies many enthusiasts. It is very satisfying and nothing beats listening to music on equipment that you have built yourself, even partially. In this installment of WebScouting we'll show you that you don't need a complex design, or a large number of components, to produce...
  • Cool Power with D-Watt
    24.09.2017 - 16:47
    It has been nearly three years since we presented our last power amplifier project in Elektor - the Q-Watt Audio Power Amplifier [1]. That was a standard class AB power amplifier with high output power and low distortion. Since then a large number of audio enthusiasts have built their own copy of that amplifier. With the design presented here, w...
  • DAB+ Antenna Diplexer. Add digital reception to your car radio
    09.09.2017 - 23:54
    If you feel like replacing the VHF-FM radio in your car with something more modern offering DAB+ reception too, you'll discover that combination receivers have two separate antenna inputs. That's because two individual antennas are required. But this RF combiner makes it possible to connect both inputs to one standard car antenna. I b...
  • IoT Shield for Arduino
    24.08.2017 - 23:15
    This handy Arduino Uno R3 compatible shield is intended for simple control applications in and around the house. When the system is connected to the Internet, the label "Internet of Things" (IoT) becomes applicable. Wires to and from the shield [1] can be connected with a screwdriver - no soldering is required. The circuit on the bo...
  • Sensors make Sense. For Arduino and more
    03.08.2017 - 23:35
    Sensors are either analog or digital. Analog values are read in via an A-D input, whereas for digital signals a simple Port connection frequently adequate. In some cases, however, sensors have dual outputs, one analog and one digital. A glance at the sensor combo kit (available from Elektor [1]) reveals seven superficially identical PCBs equi...
  • Matchbox Capacitor Tester
    09.04.2017 - 21:18
    Checking of an electrolytic capacitor without an LCR meter is not free from hassles. Here is a simple solution for checking the serviceability of a capacitor. Circuit and working Fig. 1 shows the circuit diagram of a simple capacitor tester which can be housed in a small matchbox. It is basically an oscillator circuit comprising two transi...
  • Tester for 555 Timer and 741 Op-amp ICs
    12.03.2017 - 23:43
    Sometimes you do not get proper output from a circuit due to faulty ICs. This circuit can test timer 555 and op-amp 741 ICs, which are commonly used in projects, to save you from this problem. Circuit and working Fig. 1 shows circuit diagram of the tester which is built around the very 555 timer (IC1) and the op-amp 741 (IC2) that are to b...
  • Real-Time Clock with Temperature Logger
    10.03.2017 - 22:58
    Presented here is a simple realtime clock with temperature logger. The project shows time, date and real-time temperature on the LCD. The logger records the maximum and minimum temperature for each day and can keep entries for 51 days. The recorded temperatures can be viewed any time together with the dates. The temperature is sensed via single-...
  • Active RF Detector Probe for DMMS
    18.06.2016 - 23:34
    This low-cost detector probe allows you to measure RF signals from below 100kHz up to over 1GHz with your DMM for signal voltages between about 20mV and 10 V RMS. You can use it with a probe or a sniffer loop and you can even use it to measure the voltage across a coaxial cable load and calculate the RF power. T’S NOT DIFFICULT to measu... - datasheet, service manuals, circuits, electronics, components,semiconductor, CAD