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Multimeter Mastech MS8221C

Name:Multimeter Mastech MS8221C
Description of schematic diagram, service manual:

Schematic diagram of the multimeter Mastech MS8221C

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Adding date:22.04.2005
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Opinions of readers
  • pniokt / 20.01.2012 - 10:26
    T42vx0 dilnlqaxopgq
  • Kristanna / 20.01.2012 - 03:48
    I had no idea how to arppoach this before-now I'm locked and loaded.
  • yu1as / 14.10.2010 - 17:32
    Thankyou very mucg for shematic, all the best!Dejan, yu1as
  • wolfie_24 / 10.03.2009 - 02:21
    I purchase this multimeter one month ago. nice, durable, complete. agressive price and extras (temp lead include...hfe,etc.)and a clip accesorie for hi volts and current. big numbers and full display. nice and cheap!

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