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Archive : 23 January 2009 год

10:40TrenchFET Power MOSFET with backside insulation

Vishay released an TrenchFET power MOSFET in the chipscale Micro Foot package to feature backside insulation. The Si8422DB is optimized for power amplifier, battery, and load switching in portable devices such as cell phones, PDAs, digital cameras, MP3 players, and smart phones.

The 2-mil backside coating of the device insulates the top of the MICRO FOOT package to electrical shorts from being created by temporary contact with moving parts in portable devices. This insulation allows the device to be used in applications with very thin height requirements, providing designers with the flexibility to place the MOSFET where other items may be directly above it, such as shielding, buttons, or touch screens, which further compress the product height when depressed. This layout flexibility also translates into reduced parasitics, as the traces can be better optimized by not having to be routed to areas on the PCB with less height restrictions.

 The 20-V n-channel Si8422DB features a 1.55-mm by 1.55-mm footprint with a 0.64-mm profile. The device offers a on-resistance range from 0.043 Ω at 1.8-V VGS to 0.037 Ω at 4.5-V VGS, with a maximum gate-source voltage of ±8 V.