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Archive : May 2017 год

Second generation TPU boasts 180TFLOPs
22.05.2017 - 23:14
Google has announced its second generation Tensor processing unit (TPU), aimed at machine learning and similar applications. While the first generation was designed to accelerate machine learning models, the latest device not only runs these models, but can also train them.Each TPU is said to have a processing power of up to 180TFLOPs, but a cu...
Li-air battery has ’15 times’ the capacity of Li-ion
22.05.2017 - 23:10
A research team from Japan’s National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) says it has developed lithium-air batteries with a storage capacity 15 times that of conventional lithium-ion batteries.Whilst lithium-ion batteries are compact, producing high voltages and have a long life, their energy densities have nearly reached a limit. Aco...
IBM develops 17 qubit processor
22.05.2017 - 23:07
IBM says it has built and tested its most powerful universal quantum computing processors, which will be used in IBM Q early-access commercial systems.Two devices have been built. The first, a 16 qubit processor, will allow for more complex experimentation than the previously available five qubit device. IBM says this will be freely accessible...
Better battery cathode production approach claimed
16.05.2017 - 23:18
Electroplating lithium-ion battery cathodes could result in high-quality, high-performance battery materials, as well as flexible and solid-state batteries, according to researchers from the University of Illinois, Nanjing University and Xerion Advanced Battery.“This is an entirely new approach to manufacturing battery cathodes, which res...
Package pushes performance, cuts manufacturing costs
16.05.2017 - 23:14
A packaging technology for IGBTs developed by Infineon Technologies is said to support better thermal performance and simpler manufacturing.Trenchstop Advanced Insulation has the same footprint as a standard TO-247, but provides 100% insulation, according to Infineon, while eliminating the need for thermal insulation films or thermal grease. Be...
GPU architecture to support AI and high performance computing
16.05.2017 - 23:07
NVIDIA has unveiled Volta, which it says is the most powerful GPU computing architecture available. Created to support artificial intelligence and high performance computing, device features 21billion transistors and is said to deliver the equivalent performance of 100 CPUs for deep learning applications.“Deep learning has insatiable dema...
Hybrid nanomaterials with programmable potentials
03.05.2017 - 23:16
Using a novel controllable chemical method, Graphene Flagship researchers have created hybrid heterostructures that can be tailored to have particular electronic, magnetic and optical properties.Stacking thin layers of graphene and related materials (GRMs) leads to heterostructure devices which can be tailored by design of the stack. The resear...
DSP core targeted at neural network applications
03.05.2017 - 23:11
A self-contained neural network DSP IP core from Cadence has been optimised for vision, radar/lidar and fused sensor applications. Targeted at those companies developing SoCs for the automotive, surveillance, drone and mobile/wearable markets, the Tensilica Vision C5 DSP is said to offer a capacity of 1TMAC/s, suiting it to a range of neural networ...
28nm CMOS A/D converter ‘sets new benchmark’
03.05.2017 - 23:01
As part of a new series of high speed A/D converters, Analog Devices has launched the AD9208, said to be targeted at GHz bandwidth applications, where it meets the spectral efficiency demands of 4G/5G multi-band wireless communications base stations.Fabricated on a 28nm CMOS process, the device is said to address multi-standard production instr...