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Archive : October 2017 год

Diamond based MOSFET features deep depletion
28.10.2017 - 23:29
Wide bandgap semiconductors, seen as significantly more energy-efficient, have emerged as leading contenders in the creation of FETs for next-generation power electronics.While diamond is believed to be the most ideal wide band gap material, one of the challenges in creating diamond MOSFETs is increasing the hole channel carrier mobility. Howev...
‘Flexible microcontroller’ unveiled at ARM TechCon
28.10.2017 - 23:26
Flex Logic has demonstrated an initial version of what it calls a flexible microcontroller design. The approach, unveiled at ARM TechCon, integrates an embedded FPGA on MCU processor and peripheral buses. This, says the company, will enable ‘unprecedented improvements in performance, cost and time to market for next generation chips’....
Intel starts shipments of Stratix 10 SX SoC FPGAs
28.10.2017 - 23:21
Intel has started shipping the Stratix 10 SX FPGA. The device, which integrates a quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 processor and features more than 1million logic elements, is said to suit 5G wireless communication, software defined radio, secure computing for military applications, network function virtualisation and data centre acceleration.“Wi...
Crossover processors to empower edge devices
28.10.2017 - 23:16
NXP says it is creating a new category called the crossover processor with the introduction of the RT1050, a device said to blend the benefits of applications processors with those of microcontrollers.Geoff Lees, general manager of NXP’s microcontroller business, said the i.MX RT is intended for edge processing applications. “NXP se...
Car maker evaluating BrainChip’s accelerator board
28.10.2017 - 23:06
Artificial intelligence and machine learning specialist Brainchip says it has shipped a BrainChip Accelerator card to a major European automobile manufacturer.Bob Beachler, senior vice president for marketing and business development, said: “This is an exciting first evaluation of BrainChip Accelerator. Our spiking neural network provides...
Microchannels cool high performance processors
15.10.2017 - 23:12
As part of the CarriCool project, Fraunhofer researchers have worked with IBM to develop what is said to be an effective method for cooling processors. According to the team, by integrating microchannels into the silicon interposer, a significant increase in performance can be achieved. Meanwhile, the team has also integrated passive components for...
Analog Devices, imec to take IoT devices to ‘next generation’
15.10.2017 - 23:06
Belgian research centre imec is to work with Analog Devices to develop the next generation of IoT devices. The move, building on two existing initiatives, is intended to produce devices that are not only low-power, but which also feature largely improved or completely new sensing capabilities.One joint research initiative already underway focus...
Teledyne e2v sensors to equip the LSST
15.10.2017 - 22:57
Teledyne e2v has been awarded a multimillion dollar contract by SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory (SLAC) to supply customised Charge Coupled Device (CCD) image sensors for the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope.The 8.4 metre telescope is being constructed in Chile to carry out a ten-year survey of the sky to address a range of fundamental astro...
XMOS launches development kit for Amazon Alexa Voice Service
15.10.2017 - 22:48
XMOS has announced the launch of the VocalFusion 4-Mic Dev Kit for the Amazon Alexa Voice Service (AVS).Said to be the first far-field linear mic array solution available on the market, the kit has been designed for developers who are looking to integrate Alexa into smart panels, kitchen appliances, and other commercial and industrial electroni...
Scientist get closer to solving the 'speed limit' for electronic devices
08.10.2017 - 08:01
Scientists at Heriot-Watt University have reported they are one step closer to developing a technology that could result in electrons being replaced with photons, solving the looming ‘speed limit’ for electronic gadgets.According to Dr Marcello Ferrera, an assistant professor in Photonics and Optics at Heriot-Watt, the long-term suc...

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