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Archive : 22 July 2009 год

00:14MOSFETs targeting LCD TV and monitor backlighting

Diodes has expanded its MOSFET offering with the introduction of 15 new devices designed specifically for LCD TV and monitor backlighting markets. Provided in industry standard TO252 and SO8 packaging, these MOSFET devices deliver the high-power handling and fast switching that are required by high efficiency Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL) drive architectures.

The 30V rated, SO8 packaged dual n-channel DMN3024LSD suits push-pull inverters and offers a space saving advantage over discrete component alternatives. In full and half bridge topologies requiring complementary pairs, the DMC3028LSD provides an integrated high performance n- and p-channel MOSFET combination. These 12 TO252 MOSFETs consist of 9 n-channel and 3 p-channel parts, covering the drain-source voltage, which ranges from 20V to 60V.