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4G/5G summit: Qualcomm Quick Charge technology

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4 years ago

4G/5G summit: Qualcomm Quick Charge technology

Qualcomm has revealed that its Quick Charge technology is now at the core of more than 1000 mobile devices, accessories and controllers.

After four generations, the Quick Charge technology’s growing ecosystem consists of more than 200 compatible mobile devices, 700 accessories and 100 controllers. On the device side this ecosystem means consumers have greater fast charging options when choosing their next smartphone, VR headset, wireless speaker, camera, power bank and more. For charging accessories, consumers have a variety of wall and car chargers, battery banks, USB hubs, and others to choose from.

“Consumers continue to demand more and more battery life out of their devices. When it’s time to recharge, Qualcomm Quick Charge technology can charge almost any mobile device whether it supports Quick Charge or not,”said Alex Katouzian, senior vice president and general manager, mobile, Qualcomm.

On the mobile device side, Qualcomm Technologies’ latest fast charging solution, Quick Charge 4+, includes improved Dual Charge, intelligent thermal balancing and additional layers of advanced safety features. Quick Charge 4 is designed to provide a superior charging solution by delivering up to 50% power charge in roughly 15 minutes or less (Qualcomm notes that actual results may vary depending on device design). With these new features incorporated into a device and the charger, Quick Charge 4+ can charge up to 15% faster or 30% more efficiently than Quick Charge 4.

Through further advancements in the method for delivering power, Qualcomm says mobile devices that employ Quick Charge with Dual Charge technology can reach up to 97% efficiency, which translates to less power being lost during the charging process, energy savings and reduction of the heat generated within the device. Additionally, Quick Charge 4+ now incorporates a new battery sensing technology that directly measures the voltage of the battery cell and allows the system to have a more accurate view of the battery’s current state, so they can stay in high current charging for longer, in order to further reduce charge times.

Quick Charge 4+ also supports USB Power Delivery (USB PD) as its primary signaling method, allowing it to offer a “one charging solution for all” experience. This means that chargers equipped with Quick Charge 4+ are designed to enable devices to be charged with or without Quick Charge technology or Qualcomm Snapdragon architecture inside them.

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